Thursday, February 25, 2016

Breaking News: Arnold man missing

      There is a missing man in Arnold. He is 79 year old Don Peterson, who was last seen on the Rim Trail wearing a red baseball cap, white t-shirt and jeans.

    He is 5'11" tall and around 175 pounds. Don has a small tan dog named Danny with him.

   If you have any information about Don or if you can help trying to locate him, please call 911 or the Calaveras Sheriff at 754-6500.

Betty Lou Bruce of Angels Camp

   Betty Lou Bruce - March 24, 1923 to February 21, 2016

   Betty passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 92 in Angels Camp with family by her side.

District 4 seat would be well-served by Sherri Smith

   Sherri Smith, who owns the restaurant at Greenhorn Creek, would be a good choice for Calaveras Supervisor of District 4 now that Debbie Ponte is not running for re-election.

   Her hard working business ethic and love of the community will serve the residents well.  There is no better representative to vote for.

Flush: Word of the Day

What has Congressman McClintock
done to clean out the Lake Tulloch
"toilet"?? Besides flushing it
everyday, that is.
   Seems that things are heating up in the Lake Tulloch area of Copperopolis over the decision of Debbie Ponte not to run again.

   Comments are hot and heavy, but once Jack Cox wrote about needing to "FLUSH" Lake Toilet out each day, we suddenly realized why he must be so worried.

   You see, Lake Tulloch for years has been called the "Lake Toilet" due to sewage, especially by Calaveras County employees. If they don't FLUSH it what will happen???

Call for end to Daylight Savings Time

   One state Senator in California is introducing a bill to end Daylight Savings time so that California can remain Standard time year round.

   That would be a big relief to many and it is not seen as important as it once was, to get another hour on the clock at the end of the day, even for part of the year.

VP Joe Biden goes to the Oscars

  It seems that VP Joe Biden will be attending the Oscars in Los Angeles with his wife Jill Sunday night.

   Biden will be introducing Lady Gaga, who will perform "Until it Happens to You".

Republicans are so proud!!

   For years now the Republican hierarchy has been catering to the Tea Party bunch in order to get their votes. He won easily in Nevada on Tuesday night.

   Now they've taken over with Donald Trump as their fearless leader and looks as though the party leaders can't stop him!  It's actually hilarious!

Streaking in Rancho Calaveras

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office was notified on February 24, 2016 around 7:55 PM that teenagers were streaking at Pardini Place and Baldwin Street in Rancho Calaveras.

   No report was taken by the Sheriff's Office.

Angels Camp Police get new K-9 officer

   Angels Camp Police have received a new K-9 officer after having several dogs evaluated.  This one, Thor, comes from Stockton PD and cost $4000.

   Thor is 4 1/2 years old and is a Dutch Shepherd. He is assigned to Sgt. Poortinga. He was paid for and donated by the K-9 Association.

Blue car through fence in Jenny Lind

   February 25, 2016 at 8 AM:  A blue car has left Milton Road and gone through a fence in the Jenny Lind area.

    No injuries were indicated but a tow truck is required for the car.

Brush fire in Malibu

  A brush fire apparently started around 3 AM on February 25, 2016 and has grown to 20 acres in Malibu.

   This is located near the Pacific Coast Hwy and very expensive homes in that area.

Traffic collision in Burson

   February 25, 2016 at 5 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported at Hwy 12 and Southworth Drive in Burson.

   CHP is en route to the scene. It isn't yet known if there are injuries. Be careful if in that area.

US Forest Service continues livestock grazing

   In a press release by the US Forest Service, livestock grazing will be continued to be allowed in the Stanislaus National Forest.

   An environmental impact report on several areas was conducted and apparently did not indicate a need to curtail the policy that has been in place since before 1897.

Calaveras Council of Government (COG) gets $10 million?

   The Calaveras Council of Governments (COG) sent out a press release that they have been allotted $10 million for the Wagon Trail project, realigning dangerous Hwy 4 between Copperopolis and Angels Camp.

    In the same release, however, it states that the state is cutting back and it seems unclear if they could still lose that money or a portion of it.  COG's next meeting is March 2, 2016 at 5 PM in San Andreas.