Saturday, March 12, 2016

Professor found in submerged car

Fire department photo
      Placer County rescue found a body inside a car that had plunged 300' off a rural road in in Placer County into a partially frozen creek.

   A rescue team had trouble reaching the area. It turned out to be a college professor who recently retired who lived in the area.

Injury in ATV crash in Ripon

   March 12, 2016 at 6:05 PM: The driver of an ATV was injured on North Ripon Road in Ripon after crashing on his own property.

   An ambulance and CHP responded to the scene. Details of the crash are being investigated.

Man lying on Hwy 4

   March 12, 2016 at 6 PM:  A man has been reported lying in the middle of Hwy 4 at the Utica Powerhouse in Murphys.

 CHP is en route to the scene. Be careful if headed that way.  The Calaveras Sheriff's Office is also responding to the area.

Caitlyn Jenner criticized for conservative views

   Caitlyn Jenner has endorsed Ted Cruz for President, surprising her closest friends.

   Her conservative views seem to be in opposition to her transgender status and many are angry that she could support a Republican like Cruz.

Traffic collision on Obyrnes Ferry Road

   March 12, 2016 at 5 PM:  A car has run off Obyrnes Ferry Road near Conner Estates Drive in Copperopolis.

   An ambulance is en route to the scene.  The car has gone down an embankment and can't be seen from the roadway.  Be cautious as emergency vehicles arrive.

Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, dies

   Law enforcement was called to the condo of Keith Emerson in Santa Monica in the middle of the night by his live-in girlfriend after she apparently found him dead.

   He had a gunshot wound to the head. It is being investigated as a possible suicide. He was 71.  Emerson, Lake and Palmer were a very popular rock group in the '70's.


"Little Marco" tells Ohio to vote for Kasich

   "Little Marco" Rubio has now told voters in Ohio to vote for John Kasich for President on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

   His attempts to help the Republican establishment is a surprise to many, but apparently Rubio knows that he cannot win himself and just wants to help stop Trump. What the party promised him if he does this is not clear.

Kristen Olsen out of Assembly - nowhere to go but backward

  Republican extremist right winger Kristen Olsen is termed out in her Assembly seat this year and has absolutely no chance of winning against a sitting Democrat in the Senate.

   Therefore, she has decided to run for Stanislaus County Supervisor, making excuses as to wanting more family time.  Will voters elect Olsen, who had so much trouble getting along in Sacramento???

The Last "Great White Hope"? Who is it today??

   If you've ever seen the report on Jack Johnson, a famous black boxing champion in the early 1900's, you remember that the man who faced him was referred to as the "Great White Hope" by racists of the time

Sacramento man arrested in Calaveras Courtroom

   On March 11, 2016 Calaveras Sheriff's deputies arrested Jonathan George McManus (50) of Sacramento at the Calaveras County Court.

   McManus was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for allegedly Exhibiting a Firearm, Inflicting Corporal Injury on a Spouse, Battery on a Spouse and Possession of Concentrated Cannabis, all misdemeanors.

Wilseyville man arrested

   On March 11, 2016 Calaveras Sheriff's deputies arrested Jacob Kyle Schaad (39) of Wilseyville at his resident on Gold Trail Road.

   Schaad was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Felony Battery with Serious Bodily Injury.

Car off Hwy 49 in Carson Hill

  UPDATE at 9:25 AM:  Per CHP there were no injuries in this crash.

Oliveira campaign: NO 'Threats with Intent to Terrorize' charges

   Nearly every day we read about someone being arrested for felony "Threats with the Intent to Terrorize".

     Rape, death, vandalism and other threats are involved in the ones we are aware of here at the If the leader giving the orders is an elected official, it is even worse.

   However, when it comes to the Calaveras District 3 Supervisorial campaign committee of Michael Oliveira, no charges are allowed to be filed.  His 'TEAM' is immune from prosecution for crimes???

Dog found lost on Hwy 4

  If you lost your dog or would like to have this nice little dog, contact Merita Callaway or Bertha Underhill right away.

   He was found on Hwy 4 a few days ago.

Overturned car in Amador City

   March 12, 2016 at 6 AM:  A car has reportedly overturned on Hwy 49 near Spanish Street in Amador City.

   No injuries have been indicated. A tow truck is en route to the scene. Be cautious if in the area.