Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Candidates night at Saddle Creek

Pole down on pickup in Coulterville

   April 27, 2016 at 5:35 PM:  A tan pickup reportedly hit a pole and the pole came down on the truck at Hwy 49 and Hwy 132 in Coulterville.

   The driver received minor injuries and was arrested for alleged DUI. PG&E was notified.

Gravel truck hits pedestrian in Lockeford

    UPDATE:  This is now listed as a major injury incident.

Chamber of Commerce too biased??

  Everyone knows that the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce is anything but a smart business group, but what is now happening is indeed sad; not to mention corrupt!!

Wrong-way driver in Sonora

   April 27, 2016 at 2:30 PM:  Be careful at Hwy 108 and Mono Way in Sonora as a wrong-way driver has been reported at that intersection.

   CHP has been notified and is en route.

Traffic collision on Milton Road

   April 27, 2016 at 2:20 PM:  A car that was attempting to pass another vehicle on Milton Road ran off the road and crashed at Hwy 4, below Copperopolis.

   No injuries have been indicated. CHP is en route to the scene.

Calaveras Candidates night for District 1

  On May 5, 2016 from 6 PM to 8 PM a candidates night will be held in San Andreas for Calaveras Supervisor District 1. Don't miss it!!

   It will be held at the San Andreas Town Hall.   Sharon Romano, Gary Tofanelli and Cliff Edson are running for District 1.

Calaveras Sheriff called to Hwy 26 and Lower Dorray Road

   April 27, 2016 at 12:45 PM:  The Calaveras Sheriff was called by a resident on Hwy 26 and Lower Dorray Road that they heard screaming and gunshots in the area.

  Deputies are responding to the address in Mokelumne Hill. No other information has been made available.

Make marijuana legal in November!! Vote YES!!

Zerrill McDaniel campaigns for EDSON

Get in here and campaign for me.
I have to win re-election. My
restaurant is worthless!!
   Zerrill McDaniel came to the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on April 26, 2016 and looked very nervous. WHY??

   Because Edson had asked her to help him campaign for his re-election campaign, which is looking grim.  She tried, but failed, to make him look better.

Major injuries in tractor collision

   April 27, 2016 at 12:15 PM:  A tractor pulling a haybaler reportedly overturned due to a collision into the canal at Husman Road near Ingomar Road in Gustine.

   An ambulance is responding due to major injuries; fire was dispatched due to a grass fire starting and a tow truck was en route to upright the tractor.  Avoid the area if possible.

Tea Party leader Vickie Reinke says....

Is this potty good for girls too,
   At the Calaveras Supervisor's meeting the Tea Party leader locally got up to make a public comment about marijuana.

   She says 'people are moving away

Kearney tries to bring his people back????

Would you please bring your kids
to scratch my itches here
in Rancho Calaveras??
   Calaveras District 5 Supervisor is now a 'short-timer' due to his being recalled by the very voters who put him in office.

   At the April 26, 2016 Board meeting, he begged

Member of public offers Supervisors ride to 3 day mental evaluation!

   After the Calaveras Supervisors made a presentation to the Mental Health department at April 26, 2016's meeting, a member of the public made an offer.

   He stated that 'if any of you need a ride to Stockton for a 3-day mental evaluation' he is available. Will they take him up on this offer.

Marijuana "Urgency Ordinance" coming back to Calaveras Supervisors

Banning ALL grows or
just future farmers???
      The Calaveras Supervisors, at Chair Edson's suggestion, have decided to bring back the "Urgency Ordinance" to ban all marijuana cultivation in Calaveras County.

   These dolts started to discuss it and County Counsel reminded them it was NOT on the agenda today. This Board chair is such an incompetent louse, that he gets totally confused.  They will still need a FOUR our of FIVE vote to approve.

Prince had no WILL???

   According to Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson (his only surviving full-sibling) her brother had no known will and has filed paperwork at court for Minneapolis to appoint an administrator over his estate.

   Prince also has some half-siblings, but it isn't known if they were close to the singer.

Photo from our visit to Mars....

   This photo came from NASA's camera atop the Curiosity white it was visiting Mars.

  A new tourist location???

Murphys Community Park gets grant--Vandalism damage!

   Murphys Community Park announced today that they have been granted $15,000 from the Calaveras Community Foundation to make the playground safer for children.

    The money will go for tons of bark chips now required by the state, and a new swing set.  Vandals also damaged the slides and other portions of the playground, which will  be repaired.

Former Republican House Speaker gets sentenced

   Dennis Hastert, once considered among the Republican elite insiders, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, was sentenced to prison today.

   He wasn't sentenced or convicted of the sex crimes allegedly behind his fraud charge, but for bank activities in paying off the apparent victims of his past. He got 15 months in prison, but will not likely serve near that much.

Red Corvette hits tree in French Camp

   April 27, 2016 at 10 AM:  A red Corvette has reportedly left French Camp Road and hit a tree in French Camp.

   CHP is at the scene. An ambulance and tow truck are responding.

Burglaries in Arnold--Oliveira and Johnson unable!

   On April 26, 2016 a burglary was reported by a resident on Mauna Kea Drive in Arnold.    The Calaveras Sheriff's Office took a report.

    On Blagen Road in Arnold

Trump and Clinton win big!!

   April 27, 2016:  Those who think Trump can be defeated by the anti-Trump movement or by Kasich and Cruz joining forces against him, can forget it.

   Trump won all 5 states primaries last night, in some cases with a 30 point margin between he and Cruz.  Clinton won 4 of the 5, but Sanders vows to go all the way to the convention.

Breaking News: City of Angels again harrassing buinesses

Muni Services says Angels Council
hired them and is paying with our
tax money.
   Warning:  If you are thinking about bringing your business to Calaveras County, think twice before opening in Angels Camp.

   As many businesses know, the City Council harasses businesses; this time they have hired a company to try and force businesses to pay them DOUBLE in sales tax.  More coming....

Rocket the baby giraffe, is growing fast

Sacramento Zoo photo
  Born only a couple of weeks ago, Rocket, the new baby giraffe at the Sacramento Zoo, is growing fast and has many fans.

   Zoo visitors flock to his enclosure to watch Rocket play and enjoy his antics.

Lyft driver and passenger killed in Lodi

   On April 26, 2016 CHP and Lodi Police began investigating a hit-and-run traffic collision which killed a new Lyft driver and his passenger.

   A video, taken by a young bystander, shows one person running away from the scene.

How to access "live streaming" Calaveras meetings

   We've had several requests for instructions on how to access meetings to watch "live" in Calaveras County.

   If you search 'Calaveras Supervisors'