Sunday, May 1, 2016

Calaveras getting thunderstorms

   The sky has become dark and thunder is bellowing over Calaveras County here in the late Sunday afternoon.

   Better bring in your cushions and other 'summer' articles, because we might just get some rain.

Tea Pottiers Segalla and Supervisor Edson say "NO CLIMATE CHANGE"??

   It was very interesting to hear the Bully Supervisor of Calaveras County, Cliff Edson, agreeing with everything Tea Potty Segalla says.

  "There is NO such thing as Climate Change" and "People don't destroy the forest"

Turtles need homes, too!

 Apparently people have been illegally dumping turtles into ponds and lakes around Sacramento for years.

  Now they are planning a remodel, they need to find homes for the turtles. To adopt a turtle, go to the TurtleBunker online.

Our Tea Potty Planning Commission...incompetent???

You're next "Mr. Big Pot" 
   After watching the April 28, 2016 meeting of our Tea Potty Calaveras Planning Commission, headed up by racist Wooster and next in line Tunno, we wonder how this county gets anything done.

   District 3 Commissioner Meutterties only listens to her buddy and fellow campaign committee for Oliveira "Mr. Big Pot" McAnus.

May Day -- Festival of Flora

   May 1 was celebrated originally as the Festival of Flora, or flowers. One tradition in the US is to put flowers on the doorstep of an elderly woman you may know.

   We think this is a nice tradition. If you have the opportunity, you can put the flowers on their doorstep, knock and leave without them knowing it was you.

SF Giants in New York today

  May 1, 2016: The Giants play the Mets today in New York  The game is at 10:10 AM PDT.

   Giant are 12 wins and 13 losses in the standings. The Mets are 15 and 7.