Friday, June 24, 2016

UPDATE: Erskine Fire near Lake Isbella now 30,000 acres

USFS photo
  UPDATE:  As of 6 PM on June 24, 2016 the Erskine Fire is 30,000 acres.  Evacuations are in effect for 1500 homes.

10-year-old boy missing in Modesto Reservoir

   According to the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department four boys who had been in a paddle boat at Modesto Reservoir in Waterford, just of Hwy 132, jumped out to swim to shore.

   A 10-year-old could not make it and did not have a life preserver on. The Sheriff's Office has not yet located the boy.

Grass fire in Linden

   June 24, 2016 at 5 PM:  A grass fire has been reported at Clements Road and Comstock Road in Linden.

   CalFire is responding to the scene.

Sheriff deputies pursue motorcyclist

   According to the Calaveras Sheriff's Office on June 23, 2016 at approximately 10:50 PM deputies observed a motorcycle making unsafe lane changes.

   The motorcycle was traveling at speeds

Traffic collision on Hwy 4

   June 24, 2016 at 2:05 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 4 between Hunt Road an Pool Station Road in the Copperopolis area.

   No injuries are indicated, but be extra cautious if headed in that direction.

DOW down 610 points

   Whether for political, emotional or financial reasons, the Brexit has caused markets around the world to sell-off.

   The DOW lost 610 points today.  Rick Santelli of CNBC was ranting this morning that the Brexit should mean nothing, but it didn't convince anyone.

Please don't leave me to die!!

How many animals has F&W's Eric Kleinfelter murdered lately???

This is one of the photos of
F&W camera. We have many
more photos
   UPDATE:  He plans a trip to the Calaveras Supervisors to ask for $66,000 more to kill our wildlife.

  As we all know a man named Eric Kleinfelter,

Grand Jury findings about Calaveras Sheriff's Department

   In the recent release of the 2015-16 Grand Jury report for Calaveras County, the most important aspect of their year of investigations was regarding complaints at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office.

   Under the Kuntz regime,

Eagles honored at Kennedy Center awards

   On December 3, 2016 the John F. Kennedy Center will hold its annual award ceremonies. It won't be shown on TV until December 27, 2016.

   Honorees this year include the Eagles, Al Pacino and James Taylor.  If you are interested, go to Anatomy of a Song, "Hotel California" and hear Glenn Frey tell of some of the secrets to the iconic song.

Car vs. tree in Sonora

   June 24, 2016 at 8:50 AM:  A vehicle has reportedly struck a tree on Hwy 49 near the Pedro Y in Sonora.

   An ambulance is en route to the scene. Be extra cautious if in the area.

Two arrests on Hwy 49

   On June 23, 2016 around 11:45 PM Calaveras Sheriff's deputies arrested Jacob Ryan Butler (30) of Valley Springs and Janae Luella Oboyle (28) of Reno, Nevada on Hwy 49 at Briski Hill near San Andreas.

   Butler and Oboyle was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Possession of Controlled Substance for Sale, a felony, along with other charges.

UPDATE on Fire near Lake Isabella

  June 24, 2016:  The Erskine Fire near Lake Isabella in Kern County was first reported on June 23, 2016 around 4 PM and quickly escalated to what is this morning 8000 acres.

    Over 100 structures have already been lost and 1500 are threatened. CalFire has not been called in for this fire as it is on USFS land.  The cause has not been determined.

Prime Minister resigning

   After the historic vote to leave the European Union, which was initially set up as a way to try and prevent another WWII, Prime Minister David Cameron says he's resigning.

   Both he and Wall Street had it figured wrong. Emotion was the reason for the exit from the EU. Hate and isolationistic desires fueled the vote, not financial well-being.

UK votes to leave the European Union

     June 24, 2016:  Many were shocked to hear the results of the vote in the United Kingdom late last night.  Even the Prime Minister didn't realize how many anti-immigrant, isolationist, angry people would turn out to vote.

    Stock markets around the world began plummeting due to the decision they made to leave the EU (European Union).  It was approximately 16 million to stay and 17 million to leave the EU. 72% of the registered voters came out, a very high percent.