Friday, August 26, 2016

Calaveras Sheriff busts cannabis lab???

   According to the Calaveras Sheriff's Office, on August 26, 2016 around 11 AM the department served a search warrant on the 2000 block

Trump just shot....

Civility is GONE!! Governor LePage proves it! Calaveras too!

   Governor LePage, a Trump supporter in Maine, left a profanity laced voice-mail for a Democratic state lawmaker which made CNN's news around noon today.

She tried to chew her paw off...

This poor starving bear was rescued after having her paw
cut in a trap and trying to chew it off to stop the pain.
Now we know why we prefer animals to people!!!

Don't call me a White Supremacist!!

   The names of the white only organizations and titles of groups is changing. They believe that under a different name, everyone will like them better?

   A Trump racist now wants to be called a Racialist; and a White Supremacist now wants

Army Major General scandal revealed

   Army Major General David Haight was relieved of duty after a 10 year investigation revealed his sexual affair and worse.

   Apparently Haight and his girlfriend

Traffic collision in Tracy

   August 26, 2016 at 1:45 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported at Hansen Road and Grant Line Road in the Tracy area.

   Emergency personnel, including an ambulance are responding. Watch for debris in the lanes if headed that way.

Contractor Kenny Hirvonen dies in tragic accident

   Kenneth Eino Hirvonen, 37, passed away in a tragic construction accident on Friday August 19, 2016 in Mountain Ranch.

   Kenny was born

Smoldering fire in Dorrington

   UPDATE at 11:30 AM:  This fire was caught at around a 5' x 7' spot and extinguished near the roadway. It was an illegal

Fire at White Pines Lake

  UPDATE at 10:50 AM:  Per Melinda at CalFire this fire, approximately 55'x50' spot, is now surrounded by hoseline and some resources have been released, including aircraft.

   It was on Forest Road 5N55, behind the lake. No evacuations were necessary.

UPDATE on Calaveras Cannabis ordinances

  The CCA (Calaveras Cannabis Alliance) is warning commercial growers in Calaveras that under the Urgency Ordinance passed by Calaveras Supervisors deadlines are drawing near:

   By September 7, 2016

Trump very ill???????? Rush Limbaugh laughs hysterically at Trump!

   In the past week or so it has become evident that there is something very wrong with Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

   Even Rush Limbaugh is laughing hysterically at him now.  Many now believe that his apparent treatments for Alzheimers, reported by an anonymous source, are not working and that he is very ill.  It isn't really a laughing matter anymore.

Traffic collision in Stockton leads to road rage??

   August 26, 2016 at 8:20 AM:  At traffic collision was reported at Benjamin Holt Drive and Pacific Avenue in Stockton.

   The reporting party has told CHP that the other party involved is yelling at her and calling her names. CHP is en route to the scene and the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office has been notified. Be extra cautious if in that area.

Car into embankment on Lyons Bald Mountain Road

   August 26, 2016 at 8:15 AM:  A car has reportedly crashed into an embankment off Lyons Bald Mountain Road outside Sonora.

   Be cautious as an elderly man is attempting to direct traffic around the collision. CHP is en route to the scene.

Spill on Hwy 120 in Manteca

   August 26, 2016 at 8:10 AM:  A spill of some type of berry or grapes has been reported on Hwy 120 east off Hwy 99 in Manteca.

   Be extra cautious until Caltrans can clean it up.

Clayton Fire in Lake County Update

   As of August 26, 2016 the Clayton Fire, has destroyed 300 structures and damaged 20 others.

   Nearly 4000 acres were burned. The fire is now 99% contained. A man has been arrested for alleged arson  regarding this and other fires in the area.

Car runs off Hwy 4 in Hathaway Pines

   August 26, 2016 at 6 AM:  CHP is still at the scene of a car that ran off Hwy 4 near Canyon View Drive in Hathaway Pines.

   The driver stated that a big rig had crossed the yellow lines and caused him to run off the road. Injuries are apparently minor. A tow truck is responding. Use extra caution if in the area.