Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trumpty Dumpty flew down to Mexico

     Trumpty Dumpty flew down to Mexico,

     To demand they pay for his wall, you know.

    But he 'choked' when

Garbage truck smoking in Jamestown

   August 31, 2016 at 2:30 PM:  A garbage truck is reportedly stuck on Hwy 120 at Old Priest Grade in Jamestown, with his brakes smoking.

   CalFire was dispatched to the scene, along with CHP. Be extra cautious if in the area.

Trump: Hair Spray not good any more

So what if my hands are small;
My hair is BIG!!
   Donald Trump is complaining that hair spray is not any good any more, since they took the ozone stuff out of it. 

   The fact that Trump is fussing about his 'hair spray' in front of a bunch of coal miners is so revealing about him.

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira admits Town Hall was Campaign rally

   The so-called Town Hall meeting held at Avery Middle School regarding the dead trees was on the Calaveras Supervisors agenda on September 30, 2016.

   Town Hall's are NOT approved campaign rallies

Sierra MacIntosh Users Group

   Sierra MacIntosh Users Group meets on September 13, 2016 at 7 PM.

  The meeting will be held at Ebbetts Pass Fire District on Blagen Road in Arnold.

Calaveras Supervisor Cliff (Bully) Edson LIES, LIES, Lies!!!

   At the August 30, 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting Supervisor and Chief BULLY Edson promoted hiring another Public Information Officer.

   The last one was only a point of flagrant blasting of propaganda

Colin Kaepernick stands up .... by sitting down!!

Colin Kaepernick chose to exercise his
1st Amdendment right of FREE SPEECH
by sitting down as a way to stand up for
those shot and killed by police, who then
got a paid vacation, instead of being arrested!!
Whether you agree or not, it is his right!!!

Trump heads to Mexico City???

   Many are wondering why Donald Trump is going to Mexico City today? 

   Doesn't he know he could be held and DEPORTED as an illegal alien???

Abandoned vehicle on Hwy 4

   August 31, 2016 at 8:35 AM:  An abandoned vehicle has been reported on Hwy 4 in the eastbound lane near Shirewood Drive in Arnold.

   Be extra cautious until a tow truck can be brought in to remove it.  It is apparently broken down.

Mokelumne Fire grows

   The Mokelumne Fire in Alpine County has grown to 352 acres, but threatens no homes at this time, as of August 31, 2016.

  Per USFS the fire is 30% contained.

Willow Fire in Calaveras County UPDATE

   CalFire reports that the Willow Fire is 90% contained as of August 31, 2016 and never grew beyond 450 acres officially.

   Caused by a woman driving a vehicle who has been charged with arson, some people in the Willow Valley Subdivision are still under evacuation orders.