Sunday, September 25, 2016

Arnold Palmer dies

   Arnold Palmer was perhaps the most beloved golfer of all time.

   He died today at the age of 87.

Trump always gets even...

   Donald Trump was so mad when Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, tweeted that he was invited by Hillary Clinton to sit in the front row of the first debate he had to get even.

   So, he invited Gennifer Flowers, who has accused Bill Clinton of having an affair with her 30 years ago, and she has apparently accepted, to sit in his front row.  This is how all 9 year-olds get even, isn't it??

City of Angels Camp choices for vacant council seat

   At their September 20, 2016 City Council meeting the City of Angels Camp had three people who applied for the one vacant seat.

   Mike Darby, a local man,  was

10 years ago.... would hear people at the Calaveras Planning Commission and Supervisor meetings complaining about housing development stealing all the water from ag.

   Now you hear hopeful housing developers complain that AG is stealing all the water from them. We are a Right to FARM county!! The water beneath your land is yours (at least until the state changes the laws).

Vote YES on Measure D

  Keep Calaveras Safe!!

49ers face Seahawks on Sunday

   The SF 49ers are in Seattle today, September 25, 2016 to play the noisy Seahawks at 1 PM.

   Yes, the fans at the Seahawks stadium are the other players on the field. Noise, noise, noise. Go Niners!!

Giants in San Diego today

   The Giants (82-73) play the Padres in San Diego on September 25, 2016.

   The SF Giants are 2nd in the National League West.