Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CCA meeting at Murphys Hotel

   On September 29, 2016 at 3 PM there will be a CCA meeting at the Murphys Hotel.

   All CCA members are encouraged to attend this informational meeting.  CCA encourages all growers as the harvest season arrives to be good neighbors and manage your harvest crews well.


Collision in Mokelumne Hill

   September 27, 2016 at 4:25 PM:  A collision has been reported on Hwy 26 at Hwy 49 in Mokelumne HiIll.

   A Dodge van and a Toyota towing a vehicle were involved. No injuries have been indicated. CHP is at the scene.

Traffic collision on Hwy 49--major injuries

   On September 25, 2016 Donald W. O'Brien (36) of San Andreas at approximately 12:15 AM was driving a 2007 Toyota northbound on Hwy 49 north or Springfield Road in the Columbia area.

If your dead tree falls on neighbors home?????

   The Calaveras Supervisors are hearing a presentation of the dead trees in Calaveras County.

   The expert says that within 6 months a dead tree can become weak

Loma Fire near Morgan HIll grows

   September 27, 2016 at 11:50 AM:  The Loma Fire in the Morgan Hill area is now 1085 acres and is only 5% contained.

   One home has been destroyed and evacuations are in effect in the area.

Last loan NOT used for animal shelter, as planned???

  Very interesting. Although it is very hard to understand the woman pushing the loans to the county, she mentioned that we took out COP's (LOANS) to build an animal shelter.  Al Segalla had just mentioned that the money is often used for something other than what the taxpayers knew about.

   Then Shirley Ryan quickly admitted to say that that money was actually used for the Sheriff's Office project and NOT the Animal Shelter. The money is stolen for use as the county wants; not as they borrowed for.  Isn't this fraud???? Against the taxpayers???

More LOANS for Calaveras County???

   Some representative from a firm who sells Certificates of Participation to Calaveras County.

   What are COP's??  They are the code for LOANS that these Supervisors want to add to our debt load in Calaveras.  More debt for Taxpayers????

UPDATE: Freedom of Speech letter....

   UPDATE:  We just received a copy of the letter via email that included the B word in reference to a county employee. It also stated "Let's fire the B****" as a headline.

   It appears to have been sent allegedly by a man named Carl Stoughton regarding cannabis.

Letter to the Editor: Freedom of Speech in Calaveras?

   Dear sierrasentinel.com editor:

   I just read your article about Supervisor Edson, who I believe should be removed from office anyway, where he says someone wrote or said something profane

Three arrested in Burson

   On September 26, 2016 the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested three people on Albert Lane in Burson.

   Two were residents of Washinton state and one was from Bakersfield. 

Calaveras Supervisor Edson allows AGENDIZED comments in public comment

   At the September 27, 2016 meeting Calaveras Supervisor Edson allowed a woman from Wallace to make a Public Comment  about the Urgency Ordinance for Cannabis.

   We aren't sure why he allowed this on an agendized item!!

Register to VOTE!!

Today is Voter Registration DAY!!
Register and VOTE!!  You can do
it ONLINE!! 

Calaveras Supervisor Chair criticizes public member for name calling

   At the beginning of the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on September 27, 2016 it was announced that Supervisor Wright was not feeling well and would not be attending the meeting.

   Then Supervisor Edson criticized a member of the community for calling a staff member at the county a profane name.  He says no derogatory comments about staff will be allowed. He is setting up a civilized standard for the public to use.

Line painting on Hwy 108

   September 27, 2016 at 8:59 AM:  Watch for Caltrans painting lines on Hwy 108 near Strawberry today.

   CHP is assisting with traffic control in the area.

Dead deer on Hwy 49

   Be careful in the area of Hwy 49 and Hwy 12 in San Andreas, as it has been reported that there is a dead deer in the roadway.

   CHP has been notified.