Friday, October 7, 2016

Tofanelli for District 1

No more Edson!
No more Bullies!!

PIckup rear-ends big rig in Lockeford

    October 7, 2016 at 4:30 PM:  A pickup reportedly rear-ended a big rig on Hwy 12 near Elliott Road in Lockeford.

   An ambulance and tow truck are responding to the scene.  Use extra caution if in the area.

As always, filthy scumbag Donald his own words!

   A tape has surfaced of Donald Trump talking to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush about a married actress Trump tried to "F***"!

   In the tape, Trump again shows himself for what he really is, using filthy language in referring to a woman,  You have to go

CHP arrests Sonora woman--Intentional act??

   According to a CHP report, on October 6, 2016 at approximately 10:35 PM Suzanne C. Mosss drove her 1997 Chevrolet Camaro off of a cliff on Parrotts Ferry Road north of Portina Way.

  Moss was assisted out of the car just in time before the vehicle caught on fire.  The vehicle was completely engulfed and caused a small vegetation fire.

   Parrotts Ferry Road was completely shut down for

District 5 Supervisor

Vote YES on Measure D in Calaveras County

  Make our county safe again!!

Traffic collision in Copperopolis

   October 7, 2016 at 11:40 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Littlejohn Road near Copper Cove Drive in Copperopolis.

   The driver declined an ambulance for minor injuries. A tow truck is responding. CHP is en route to the scene.

CCWD Board President on next agenda

   After the Special Meeting called on October 6, 2016 the Calaveras County Water District has agendized a discussion of the position of President of the Board.

   On October 12, 2016 that position and the one for Vice-President are agendized. Strange has offered to step down due to his cannabis cultivation. Is that ridiculous or what?  Looks like if you are a farmer of any kind, you better not be in office!!

Bar stools on Hwy 108

   October 7, 2016 at 10:25 AM:  Bar stools have been reported on Hwy 108 near the Soulsbyville Road exit in Soulsbyville.

   CHP is en route to the scene. Be cautious until the roadway can be cleared.

Cement truck rollover on Hwy 99

   UPDATE:  The Hammer Lane offramp to Hwy 99 is closed while they recover the cement truck.

   UPDATE:  Two CHP are now at the scene.

Calaveras CAO leaving in December 2016--Bully Edson to blame???

   No one can blame Calaveras CAO Shirley Ryan for deciding to retire at the end of 2016. She has 26 years with the county.

   She has endured the

Will Calaveras Enterprise publish building permits???

   There has been much controversy between Calaveras County Newspapers ever since the Nick Baptista won the bid to publish the legal notices and ads for Calaveras County and is now the official newspaper of record for Calaveras.  This is saving taxpayers

CCWD Director Strange apologizes

   After the CCWD Special Meeting on October 6, 2016 to discuss Director Strange's application to grow cannabis in Calaveras County the Board issued a press release around 7:30 PM.

    Counsel stated that he saw no conflict of interest, however it says that Director Strange apologized for not telling the Board ahead of time about his cultivation application and offered to step down from his position as Chair and resign from the Legal Affairs committee.