Tuesday, November 22, 2016

White Supremacists just change names

If you think these sickos are not in Calaveras County,
think again. Be careful! They are crazy and they are dangerous; not
just to minorities, but to anyone who doesn't agree with them!!
   Richard Spencer, who calls the press "lugenpresse" which means lying press, is the newest leader of what is now called the Alt-Right, another name for white supremacists, who support Trump.

   Spread all over the internet, is his most recent speech, calling the white men "people of the sun" and at the end saying Heil Trump!!  The audience chanted back and raised their arms in the Nazi Hitler symbol.  Are you nauseous yet???

Calaveras Cannabis Urgency Ordinance is the SCAM!!!

  In another appeal before the  Calaveras Supervisors after a grower was denied a permit to grow cannabis, the attorney made clear what we have felt was true all along.

   You can't deny growers the right to grow without a permit and then also say you must have been growing in the past year in the same ordinance.  It's not just confusing, its almost intentionally false and misleading in its entirety. Lawsuits; we see lawsuits!!!

Collision in Riverbank area

   November 22, 2016 at 11:40 AM:  A collision has been reported at Terminal Avenue and Claribel Road in the Riverbank area.

   Be cautious as emergency vehicles arrive on scene.

No CSAC or RCRC report all YEAR???? Oliveira told,next meeting!!

   When Supervisor Oliveira asked to be the representative to CSAC (California State Association of Counties) for Calaveras, he promised to make regular and complete reports.  He has NOT!!

  At the November 22,  2016  meeting, both Supervisor Ponte and Edson asked for a full report for the year and for a report on what CSAC and RCRC say about the new Cannabis law as it relates to counties.

Al Segalla wants to know WHERE Calaveras Supervisors are??

   During the discussion of increasing wages for Calaveras Supervisors, who only meet once every two weeks, Al Segalla commented that no mention was made of what excuses the two missing

Supervisors want another raise--Overpaid now!!

Parasites:  Elected officials who suck money from the taxpayers
without putting in 40 hours a week!!!
   In a discussion about offering more money to recruit a new Building official, they decided to do a study and to increase the Supervisors wages.

   Supervisors do NOT work 8 hour days. They pretty much work when they please except for meetings, which are only once every two weeks.  It is our opinion that Supervisors are WAY overpaid now!

Calaveras Supervisors meet without Chris Wright or Steve Kearney

   District 5 Supervisor Kearney has not appeared since losing his re-election on November 8, 2016. He and Chris Wright were both absent this morning at the Board meeting.

   The Board approved a new temporary CAO while they search for a new CAO is under way.

Kanye West tour cancelled--walks off Sacramento stage--hospitalized!

   After a week of unusual events (even for Kanye) and walking off the stage after three songs in Sacramento, Kanye West is reportedly in the hospital.

   No details on what he is being treated for have yet been released.

Do you have a Big Larry yet?

A flashlight, flashing light, warning light! Plus a powerful
magnetic base!!
Get one at your Arnold True Value Hardware!

Another cannabis permit denial hearing in Calaveras--Booze industry wins!!

     At the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on November 22, 2016 there will be another appeal hearing for a denied cannabis cultivation permit.

  Since the drunks have done such a good job stopping cultivation in Calaveras County, its unlikely that even the Urgency Ordinance for cultivation will be renewed in 2017.

Hwy 4 icy but no chain controls this morning

    November 22, 2016 at 7:25 AM:  Hwy 4 has some icy patches above Arnold, but no chain controls are in effect at this time.

   Drive carefully!  Slow down! And bundle up, it's cold out there! Below freezing in many areas of Calaveras (27 in Arnold) and Tuolumne counties.