Monday, December 5, 2016

Collision in Acampo

   December 5, 2016 at 12:25 PM:   A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 99 at Collier Road in Acampo.

   An ambulance and CHP are en route to the scene. One lane in blocked on northbound Hwy 99, so be extra cautious.

Passing on Hwy 26 causes crash

   UPDATE:  Fortunately only minor injuries were incurred in this crash.

Georgia father sentenced to LIFE in prison

    Justin Ross Harris, who was convicted of the murder of his 2 year old son by intentionally leaving him in a hot car for hours, was sentenced this morning.

   He received Life in Prison without the possibility of Parole for the crime he committed while working at Home Depot.

Burglary in Angels Camp

   On December 4, 2016 a burglary was reported by a resident on Gelding Road in Angels Camp.

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office took a report of the incident. No other details are known at this time.


Glencoe woman arrested

   On December 4, 2016 the Calaveras Sheriff arrested Amy Marie Gutierrez (30) of Glencoe at her residence.

   Gutierrez was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Elderly Abuse Causing Harm/Death to an Elderly Dependent, a felony, and for Obstructing or Resisting a Peace Officer and a Fight in a Public Place, both misdemeanors.

FAKE news stories???

   Since Facebook has been trying to squelch the fake news stories on its pages, the major news networks have been acting like they never fake the news;  well, except for FOX.

   This morning on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough announced that the jury in the cop accused of murder may have a hung jury.  Then he said "This was murder. Look at the video.  This was murder!"  Everyone puts their personal spin on the articles they write, including the  We are PROUD of ours!

Calaveras Supervisors meet tomorrow

Help! Help! Seem to have lost my head!!
   The Calaveras Supervisors meet tomorrow, December 6, 2016 for a regular meeting in San Andreas.

   This is one of the last meetings for Edson and Kearney, who have been replaced. Enjoy!!

Cow on Evergreen Road in Rancho Calaveras

   December 5, 2016 at 11 AM:  A cow has been reported on Evergreen Road in the Rancho Calaveras area.

   Be extra cautious if headed that way until CHP can round it up.

Vehicle runs off New Priest Grade

   December 5, 2016 at 8:40 AM:  A vehicle has reportedly run off New Priest Grade outside of Jamestown.

  An ambulance is en route to the scene.

Wood spilled on Hwy 99

   December 5, 2016 at 8:35 AM:  Wood is reportedly spilled in the middle lane of Hwy 99 southbound near Woodbridge Road in the Acampo area.

    Be extra cautious until CHP can get it cleared off the roadway.

Some filthy TROLLS in Calaveras County-Trump DEPLORABLES!!!

   As our readers and others around the country know there are some pretty filthy TROLLS out there in the world. And it is no different in Calaveras County.  We have quoted some of the names

Dead deer on Hwy 49

    December 5, 2016 at 8 AM:  A dead deer has been reported on Hwy 49 near the bridge on the Amador County side.

   Be careful until CHP can arrive on scene and clear the roadway.

Traffic collision on Hwy 4 fatal

  UPDATE:  Sadly, this collision is now a fatality.

 December 5, 2016 at 7:30 AM:  A traffic collision

Watch for Valley Fog

   December 5, 2016 at 7 AM:  Drive carefully if you're headed for the lower elevations as tule fog is in many locations.

    In the Valley, the fog is heavy, especially in the Stockton, Lodi areas. Slow down and allow room in front of you.