Friday, August 25, 2017

A little Foolsgold from the Mineshafts of Calaveras: Dentist supports DOG Poisoning??

  Dear Billy:

   I know we spoke often about how shocking it is when mental cases involving animal abuse occur in Calaveras. You told me about how
people can be traveling around with DOG Killer signs and protesting, destroying that business.

  How shocked were you to hear rumors are floating around the county about a DENTIST, along with a VET, who approve of DOG poisoning.  Would you go to a dentist or a vet, if you know they support dog poisoners????

  You told me how you feel about scumbuckets many times. You told me to ask first before making an appointment about these rumors.
  Do you believe protestors will surround these places soon, if these protestors really care about the animals?

   Since you have known the worst of the worst, what do you think, Billy?

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