Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trumponomics, TrumpCare, Trumpdumps

   Looks like we're in for a lot of Trumpty Dumpty treatment for the next 4 years.

   The Republicans, except for McCain and Graham, have bought into him and they will all pay if he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar or anywhere else it doesn't belong.

Chains required on Hwy 4

   Caltrans is requiring chains at Cottage Springs this morning.  It is raining in Arnold.

  Drive carefully and carry chains if headed for the mountains.

Calaveras Supervisors elect Chair for 2017

   On Tuesday January 10, 2017 the Calaveras Supervisors will meet for the first time in 2017 with four new members.

   They will first select a Chair for the year.  The most qualified would be Gary Tofanelli, who has been chair in the past.  The others are all totally inexperienced at running meetings and handling agendas.

Tree down in Rancho Calaveras

   UPDATE:  The tree is in the power lines. Both lanes of Ospital are closed until cleared.

        January 7, 2017 at 9:20 AM:  A tree is reportedly down

Letter to the Editor: You were right!

  Dear SierraSentinel:

    I have to tell you that after reading several of your articles about cars killing or injuring deer, suggesting them, I finally went and got some of those deer warning whistles.

   In fact, the very next morning I was on Hwy 4 and a doe was standing next to the road; suddenly started running the other way.  I have to thank you.  They really work!!  Love the by the way.

   S in BV


Bear Valley has a 5' base

   Bear Valley has fantastic skiing for all the bunnies who want to try out the runs. 

   They have at least 5' at the base and the back runs are now groomed. Have fun! Drive carefully. You will likely need chains!

Murphys Seniors receive grant

   The Senior Center in Murphys just announced that they received a $1000 grant from the Calaveras Community Foundation.

   It will be used to provide food to Hwy 4 area seniors.  The Murphys Senior Center is open Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 4 PM for Bridge, Pinochle, Zumba, Strength Training, Aerobics, Dance Classed and a food pantry at 65 Mitchler Avenue, just off Hwy 4 in Murphys.

Angels Camp PD is out of sand bags

  They report they won't be getting more until some time next week!