Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trumpty holds news conference???

   The Donald held a supposed news conference today.  He called the breaking news of Russia possibly having compromising information about him or contacted the government during the campaign "Fake News".

   He now doesn't deny the Russians hacked and released DNC information, but insulted BUZZFEED and  CNN reporters.  He must be NUTS!!!

Mama Grizzly has her hands full...

County them...1...2...3???
Or is that 4???

Vehicle rollover on Milton Road

    UPDATE:  Minor injuries resulted from this rollover.

   January 11, 2017 at 11:35 AM:  A vehicle has reportedly

Road closures in Calaveras County

   According to Calaveras Public Works department the following roads are closed today, January 11, 2017:

    Pettinger Road at Hwy 12 due to flooding.

   Campo Seco Turnpike in Moke Hill due to tree and landslide

   Blagen Road at

Flooding in Fiddletown

  January 10, 2017 at 11:20 AM:  Fiddletown Road is reportedly flooded and rock and gravel are on the roadway near Mary Lane in Fiddletown.

   Be extra cautious if in that area until a crew can clear the road.

Overturned car in Pioneer

   January 11, 2017 at 10:50 AM:  A car has reportedly overturned at Hwy 88 and Omo Ranch Road in the Pioneer area.

   Emergency vehicles are en route to the scene. Be extra cautious if headed that way. No injuries have been indicated.

FEMA revising flood maps with Calaveras

   It seems that there are revisions coming to the FEMA flood maps that were drawn several years ago in Calaveras County.

   There have been a lot of complaints about their accuracy. We understand that some may even grow and that some may lessen.

Russ Thomas appointed to CCWD Board

   We just learned that Russ Thomas was appointed to the CCWD Board, taking Dennis Mills place for District 4.

    Thomas, once a Supervisor for that area, lives in Copperopolis, and should do well.

Calaveras Tea Party Supervisor Mills babysits Chair Oliveira???

   At the January 10, 2017 Calaveras Supervisor meeting the Tea Party Supervisor Mills continually spoke for the supposed Chair Oliveira, adding information he wanted out or reminding him to do things.

   We agree that Oliveira is not capable of handling the Chair position, but babysitting should not be allowed.

Copperoppolis man arrested for Vandalism

   On January 10, 2016 Devon Cody Salyers (32) of Copperopolis was arrested on Morada Circle in Copperopolis by Calaveras Sheriff deputies.

   Salyers was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Vandalism over $400, a felony and for Tampering with a Fire Alarm, a misdemeanor.


Giant Sequoia "Cabin Tree" falls

   The Calaveras Big Trees Association reports that the tunnel tree, called the "Cabin Tree" has fallen inside the park during the last storm.

   The tunnel, carved into the tree well over 100 years ago, had allowed visitors to walk through the tunnel.   The tree splintered at the base, we are told.

MIssing person in Jenny Lind

   A family in Jenny Lind has reported that Julio Gonzales (39) who left for work on January 9, 2017 on an all-terrain vehicle, has not arrived at work or returned home.

   He apparently had called his supervisor to report a bridge with high water and that is the last contact anyone had with him.  Calaveras Search and Rescue are currently searching the area.

Murphys Creek flows high

   The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office is warning that due to releases from Utica Dam, the flows in Murphys Creek and on down to Angels Creek are high.

  It is advised that people stay a safe distance from the water during this time.