Saturday, January 14, 2017

Donald Trumper insults Rep. Lewis???

   After Rep John Lewis said in an interview with Chuck Todd that he doesn't consider Trump to be a legitimate President, Trump, of course, TWEETED his TWITTER.

   He said the Lewis

Two filthy threatening comments were signed....

   Yes, one was signed "Your watchful neighbor, Pat" and another one was signed "Patrick".

    My husband and I have had nothing but trouble with a fired CHP named Patrick Strohmeyer,  and his wife.

Load lost in San Andreas

   January 14, 2017 at 12:35 PM:  A vehicle has lost part of its load on Hwy 49 and  Gold Strike Road in San Andreas.

   Be cautious if in that area until cleared.

Letter to the Editor: I wish I had a website!!

   Dear Editor:

    I have to tell you how much I envy those like the, who own a website where they can

Chicago Police receive scathing report! CORRUPT Blue Line in Calaveras???

   Like many law enforcement agencies across the county, the Justice Department was requested to do an investigation into corruption.

   The scathing review it received was worse

Investigations ongoing before inauguration

   Even before Trump is sworn into office as our ILLEGITIMATE President, investigations have begun.

Johnny Depp sues ex-managers

   Actor Johnny Depp is now suing his ex-managers, stating that they mismanaged his money during the most lucrative time of his career.

   The managers says his Depp's spending is to blame for the loss of the millions.

The "Conscience" of the Congress says...

I'm not a racist!
It's my damn hair!!
   The man with the reputation for being the "conscience" of the Congress Representative John Lewis now says that Trumps presidency is

Calaveras Chamber dinner

Tickets are $55 each. Call 754-5400 for info.
The date for reservations has been extended
to January 20, 2017.

Collision on Poole Station Road

  UPDATE at 12:30 PM:  Two CHP are still at the scene of this collision. We aren't sure why; possibly investigation.

Was power out at Bear Valley?

   We will be checking with Bear Valley about a comment we received that they had a power outage yesterday and that only one chair lift was operating.

   We did not receive any press release on this, but it they had a power failure that is probably why.

A name is signed on filthy threatening anonymous comments

   Yesterday afternoon we received, as we often do after posting anything against racism, against Trump or bad "Neighbors from Hell", a few very filthy sexual and threatening anonymous comments. A few minutes later