Friday, January 20, 2017

Blagen Road Closed

   January 20, 2017:  In case you didn't already know, Blagen Road is closed at the Big Trees Creek crossing in White  Pines.

   We don't have an exact date or time of it being reopened.


Angels City Council wastes time on smoking ban

   After renting the Bret Harte Theater, expecting a large crowd, the Angels Camp City Council, with one member missing in action,

Small crowd for Trump's inauguration

  Partly due to the weather, and possibly due to the number of protestors, the crowd attending the inauguration of Donald Trump was relatively small compared to President Obamas.

   The Trumps did get out of the car briefly during the parade, but then got back in so he wouldn't melt, or his hair wouldn't fall off. 

ACPD warns of car burglaries

   January 20, 2017 :  Angels Camp Police are warning the public about burglaries to autos in the annex area of downtown.

   Windows broken and items stolen in that area due to people leaving valuables in their vehicles. Take your items with you, and don't leave them easy prey to criminals.

Dark day in US history--Inauguration Day

   Rather than this being an exciting day for voters in the US, as inauguration days usually are, this is a very dark day in our history.

   Starting out with pastor Franklin Graham,