Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Call Calaveras Supervisor Michael Oliveira!!!! 795-0985

   With all the complaints we have heard about Calaveras Supervisor Michael Oliveira, we thought we ought to publish his phone number here.  Don't be afraid!! You have the right to call him!! He gets paid a lot of money to take care of District 3.

   We don't know which of his FIVE wives might answer, but call 209-795-0985.  Make sure he knows how you really feel about him as your supervisor, and not helping the residents during this melee of storms. 

Laura Anne Pascual of Copperopolis

    Laura Anne Pascual of Copperopolis peacefully passed away on Saturday January 14, 2017 at

Ebbetts Pass iced over and buried in SNOW!! Where is Supervisor Oliveira???

   With the past three storms, Ebbetts Pass has been buried in snow, iced over, left to fend for themselves because they have NO Supervisor, and bewildered as to what to do about it.

   We have heard that Calaveras County Supervisor for District 3 allowed NO plows to plow the streets of people he didn't think voted for him, and never even answers the phone when someone needs help.  He is the WORST Supervisor we have EVER seen. One person told us he was drunk most of the time. We have not yet confirmed this.


RECALL Supervisor Oliveira in Calaveras County -- BULLY, GUN FREAK!!!

  The voters in Calaveras County, District 3 need to recall this fanatic BULLY and GUN Freak who thinks he has FULL control of all the people in Ebbetts Pass.

   If he only knew how much people talk about how bad a Supervisor he is and how much they detest his BULLYING and BOOZING!!!  RECALL this crazy maniac before he destroys the entire county!!!

Alternate Universe---Calaveras County divided too!!

   While we are all aware that the ILLEGITIMATE President Trump lives in an alternate universe, believes in alternate facts, and has severe mental problems, are we aware how divided our own Calaveras County is?

   The Trumpers and BOOZERS in Calaveras gave false statements to get signatures, failed in many cases to show the written proposition, and are the biggest bunch of scum, we are told, of anywhere in Northern California.  These are NOT the nice people who care about us. They are the racist dividers who also live in the Vickie Reinke TEA PARTY wacko universe like TRUMP.



This is about BOOZERS!!!

   The 5 people who are the main pushers, and they are nothing more than pushers, of a cannabis ban in Calaveras County, are now exposed as total BOOZERS.

   Supervisor Oliveira is one of them. Billus McmAnus is another, Some guy named TuNNEL and another wacko gun freak have been referred to us as collective BOOZERS.  They don't want and may be getting cash in their pockets to stop marijuana.

What did Calaveras do with the MONEY from farmers???

   Calaveras County has some crazy elected officials in office, but when a member of the public asked what the Supervisors did with the MILLIONS they collected from legitimate cannabis farmers, gun maniac and boozer Oliveira was called a liar by

Supervisor Oliveira is the meanest BULLY of all!!

   It has been clear for the past two years that Supervisor of District 3 Oliveira, the gun maniac and non-resident supposed representative in Ebbetts Pass, is the worst BULLY, mean creep and BOOZE fanatic in the county.

   He just now told the audience who DARED to clap after a person went to speak at the podium, warned that he would take OTHER measures if they don't shut up!!  We have GOT to get rid of him.

Wierdo Kellyanne Conway says now....

   Kellyanne Conway, and actually anyone who thinks Trump is sane, doesn't understand women or their issues or fears of Trump. Yes, she's a nut case, just like him.

   About the women (millions of them) who have been marching against Trump, she says "I frankly didn't see the point."  Yes, she appears to be as big a mental case as her boss. She thinks its good that women won't have rights anymore.

Bear Valley: Powder Alert!!!

   January 24, 2017: Bear Valley is reopened today and is issuing an alert to all those who love fresh powder to ski and board on.

   They received over 9' of power in just this last storm, so have fun!!.