Wednesday, January 25, 2017

And behind Blue Tarp # 3....mug shot???

   We have to tell you that the photo of behind Blue Tarp # 3, which we have now received back, blown up for identification, looks just like a mug shot, an ugly one at that.

   If this person was indeed part of what our video investigator says he thinks it is,

Is the U.S. now the 4th most corrupt country??

      Ever since Trumps election and now inaugural, this illegitimate president has taken the US lower and lower among nations of the world.

Supervisor Oliveira ordered $300 clock for timing comments

   After it was brought to the Board of Supervisor in Calaveras County's attention. It was asked many times how much it cost.

   Finally, Oliveira admitted that he insisted it be ordered. What a waste of money!!

Video not playing on Calaveras County website??

   UPDATE:  The video just returned.  Thank you, Diane Severud.

Car vs pedestrian in Columbia

    January 25, 2017 at 12:15 PM:  A car has reportedly struck a pedestrian on Columbia Village Drive in Columbia.

   CHP and an ambulance are responding.

Mary Tyler Moore dies

   We just found out that Mary Tyler Moore, originally of the Dick Van Dyke TV show, has died at the age of 80.

   She was in a Connecticut hospital and her husband was by her side.

You have to respect Tom Price....

Why do Price, McClintock and other
right wingers look so much alike?
   Yes, you have to respect Tom Price for not lying during yesterday's hearing to become the Health and Human Service Secretary in Trumps cabinet.

   The room erupted in laughter

The USA is in trouble BIGLY?? Believe us!!

Believe me BIGLY..snort, snort, snort!!
   We understand that the word of the year for 2016 was BIGLY, and Donald Trump continues to use it.  Believe us!!!

   We noticed that the CEO's were holding back their giggles at such a word made up by Mr. Trump to go along with all his other lies!  Will Merriam Webster add it to the dictionary???

Fed Ex truck hit by train

   A semi tractor and trailer Fed Ex truck was fairly demolished when the crossing gate arms failed to come down to stop traffic in Utah.

   Fortunately the driver was not injured, nor were passengers in the train.  The arms came down after the crash.  Packages went everywhere.


Protect your animals from coyotes

   We received two reports of coyotes seen in the Hwy 4 corridor between the Red Apple and Avery last night.

   Be sure your pets are safe inside and chickens or other birds are in a secure pen at night.  These coyotes are hungry!!

Who's a 'terrorist"?? Calaveras Supervisor Mills of District 4

      We are reviewing the video tape from the January 24, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting to be certain of what Dennis Mills, Calaveras Supervisor of District 4 said about cannabis farmers.

   We are pretty certain he called them 'TERRORISTS", but want to make sure we didn't hear it wrong.  Is this man as totally demented as he was on the CCWD board. If it is true, he should be recalled immediately.

Where was the Calaveras County Office of Emergency Services???

   Since Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira has admitted he can't handle any type of stress and didn't know what to do when the snow storms and ice hit Ebbetts Pass, why didn't he order OES to help us?

  It was dangerous; the county was NOT plowing, people were trapped with no heat and no power, and what was Oliveira doing? Blowharding, as usual???

Angels Camp Police: Do you know this 'stranger'?

If you know or have seen this man,
please call ACPD
      According to the Angels Camp Police, on January 23, 2017 they were made aware of a man who reportedly approached a high school student walking home earlier in the afternoon.

   The man, unknown to the juvenile, asked if they are homeless and offered to share his hotel room with the juvenile. The juvenile declined and reported the incident to a parent, who later notified police.

   This photo was turned over by the parents of the juvenile and it has been confirmed that the male stayed one night at the Best Western on Main Street.

   Apparently the police have not yet identified this male. If you know this person or see him, please call ACPD at 736-2567 or the Sheriff at 754-6500 and advise your children to notify parent if anyone approaches them in this manner.


Come to Ebbetts Pass...see the Nazi Slip & Slide

Actually, the Nazi Slip & Slide is the name an acquaintance gave
to a hilarious video taken in Ebbetts Pass that everyone seems to
enjoy watching over and over. lol, lol.
It is cold and these icicles were photographed around 8 AM January 25, 2017