Sunday, February 12, 2017

Emergency Evacuations: Oroville Dam may fail

The emergency overflow is apparently
eroding the dam as the water spills out!
   February 12, 2017:  After a week of assurances that the dam at Oroville was structurally safe, tonight an emergency order has been issued for evacuations to residents in all towns below the dam.

   The tallest dam in the US at 800', they now say that the dam is showing signs of instability and could actually fail at any time.  People are quickly gathering up their belongings and trying to get out
of the area.

Angels Camp doesn't like pot!!

   At the Angels Camp City Council meeting, every council person except Amanda Folendorf said that all constituents who contacted them do NOT want pot sales in their town.

Jazz singer Al Jarreau dies

The theme song to Moonlighting
was one of his hits.
   Al Jarreau , 8 time Grammy winner has died at the age of 76. He had been hospitalized for exhaustion and cancelled his 2017 tour.


Grammies are tonight!!

   At 6 PM on CBS the Grammy Awards will be shown tonight, February 12, 2017.

   James Cordin is the host.

Those who passed in Calaveras County

   On February 2, 2017 Susan M. Allen passed away. She was 58.

    Vera S. Fuller passed away

Well, meeeooowww to you too!

I know I'm special.....

Tom Brady not much of person...

   The talk in sports this week is about Tom Brady refusing to attend the White House thank you during

Rollover Traffic collision in Camp Connell

   UPDATE at 11 AM:  No injuries were indicated in this collision.