Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cannabis Urgency Ordinance was just extended

   The Calaveras Supervisors, after hours of public comment, just passed a resolution to extend the cannabis Urgency Ordinance.

   The only NO vote was from Clyde Clapp, who has NO registered cannabis grows in his area.

Calaveras CAO says don't mention McAnus???

   During the public hearing on the Calaveras County cannabis urgency ordinance, the CAO stated he didn't want any names mentioned during the comments.

Good reporters "follow the bread crumbs" "leaks"

    President Trump better hire some plumbers, as he complains about all the leaks in his White House.

   Reporters at the

Calaveras County needs a WALL, Mr. Trump!! Sheriff!!

   Just listening to the extremists, like the Tea Party wackos and their friends the neo Nazi's who support Trump and want to

Sewage burglar in Valley Springs??

   According to the Calaveras Sheriff, around 7:10 AM on February 13, 2017  they investigated a report of a burglary at the CCWD Water Treatment Plant in Valley Springs.

    Deputies learned that

Barbara Yook: Bad District Attorney!!! Racist violence encouraged!!

    Calaveras County District Attorney Barbara Yook spends so much time fighting cannabis in our county, that she ignores the real crimes!!


Happy Valentines Day!

Calaveras Supervisor Clapp did NOT obey laws as contractor???

   A member of the public got up in front of the Calaveras Supervisors to address each Board member regarding their stance on cannabis and the law.

Alice Montgomery says son "COLD COCKED"

    Alice Montgomery, bigly supported of Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira, got up during Public Comments to tell the public that her son had been "COLD COCKED" by a girl.

     Odd, but makes sense.

What did Trump know and when did he know it??

   The Trump administration lost its National Security Advisor Flynn last night, as he resigned in order to try and protect the President and VP of another scandal.