Friday, February 24, 2017

Who is a threat to our country??? TRUMP!!!

   President Trumpty has repeatedly accused the press (except for FOX and some extreme Christian papers) of being to blame for the threat to our country.

   News for Trumpty!  You are the threat to our country!!

Vintage Tractor auction

What a neat old tractor!! Who will
win it in the auction??
   Are you looking for a vintage tractor for work or to display?  Check out this on-line-only auction for a running 1941 N-series tractor, new battery, working PTO, tires in good condition. Go to

   The bidding begins March 24, 2017. Proceeds will benefit Friends of Calaveras Animal Services (FOCAS), a 501c3 non-profit.


Be MAD DOGS at Trump and McTrump; not sweet pups!!

   At the McClintock town hall in Sonora we noticed that McClintocks way of handling the protestors (or alt-left, radicals and anarchists,as he refers to his constituernts), was to treat them like children and chastise them.

   If the protestors buy into this, which is what worked in Sonora, they are making a mistake. When he plays that card, the public needs to get louder and become MAD DOGS against Trump and McTrump, not whimp out!!

Arnold Library turns 50

      According to press release, the Arnold Library will be celebrating its 50th anniversary May 23-27, 2017.

   Located on Blagen Road in Arnold, the many events planned will be a childrens day with a special storytime, a mystery writers book signing, a visit from Greg Lucas (State Librarian) and patron appreciation day.

If you feed Trump after midnight.....

...he becomes a fat, white supremacist freak!!!

JC Penney's to close 140 stores

   On weak retail sales reports, JC Penneys has decided to close 140 of their stores across the US.

    Online shopping and a younger market have affected many of the older retail chains.