Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump: Calling the KKK to hire

   Nearly 4000 jobs have not yet been filled in the White House since Trump took over.  Seems no one wants the reputation of working for Trump.

   Now we hear he is calling his KKK friends to come work there.  They'll be closer to Bannon that way and at least they'll be off welfare.

Warren Buffett's little beach house

  In 1971 Warren Buffett bought a little beach house in Laguna Beach for $150,000.

   He just put it on the market for $11,000,000. He says he doesn't spend much time there since his wife died in 2004.

Actor Bill Paxton dies

   Bill Paxton, veteran movie actor, died yesterday after complications from surgery. He was 61.

   Paxton appeared in many movies over the years.  Recently, he starred in The Simple Plan with Billy Bob Thornton.


OSCARS tonight!! Will La La Land win??

   Hollywood will be buzzing tonight, with the red carpet out and stars dressed to the nines, for the Oscars.

    One of the favorites for picture of the year is, of course, La La Land. Who will be the big

Traffic collision in Dorrington

    UPDATE:  Minor injuries were indicated in this collision.

New Video: Tipsy Nazi wife--closet drunk

    Always remember to check your video security tapes after being gone for an evening. You may be shocked and likely entertained by what you will find.  And hit 'save'