Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Calaveras County is hiring!!!

   At the Calaveras Supervisor meeting a member of the public asked how many job openings there are for county government jobs.

   We just looked at the website and found at least 25 openings under Human Resources, for a variety of jobs.

Calaveras Cares...

   On April 1, 2017 from Noon to 3 at the Native Sons Hall in Murphys, several non-profits are getting together to raise funds for various needs in Calaveras County.

   Lunch will be available, a Silent Auction will be held and booths will be present to provide information on each charity involved.


Want your property burned?? Notify CalFire!!

   We have received a long comment about the clearing and burning of Bear Mountain.  We have not verified the information they have provided

Alcohol Awareness month--Too many OLD DRUNKS!!

Calaveras County has way to many
   In Calaveras County, it was announced that this is Alcohol Awareness month.  We all know who the drunks are in our area. And there are way too many OLD DRUNKS!!!

   Their behavior is always erratic. They often become racist trolls on the internet due to their mental instability and they are always abusive to women.  Their families need to intervene to force them into treatment.  It is so sad!!

What's his name can't stop campaigning??

   What is the name of that guy who ran for re-election and lost in the San Andreas area??

   Something is wrong with that guy (can't think of his name), but he keeps coming to all the Calaveras Supervisor meetings just like Marti Crane and CAMPAIGNING!!  She can't stop either!  Twins???

Major injury collision in San Andreas

   According to a CHP report, on March 25, 2017 around 1:15 AM John D. McAllister, Jr (22) of San Andreas, was driving at 2002 GMC on Calaveritas Road south of Mountain Ranch Road at an unknown speed.

   For an unknown reason

Sammy Marshall--Lifelong resident of Angels Camp

   Sammy R. Marshall passed away on March 21, 2017 at the age of 78 at Sonora Regional Medical Center.  He was