Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Vietnam Veterans Day

To all the honorable Vietnam Vets and especially to those
who did not return to Calaveras County

Neighbors from Hell # 29--killing innocent wild creatures??

    When the Calaveras Sheriff is called to a residence due to a neighbor shooting near their property, we understand how they feel.

    If that neighbor, like the one reported to the Sheriff yesterday, kills innocent wild creatures for fun,  like

Happy Anniversary Mom and Pa

   Kate Hudson posted a very old photo of her Mom Goldie Hawn and Pa Kurt Russell for their 34th anniversary yesterday.

   They are one of the longest married couples in Hollywood.  Cute photo!

Madoff investor jumps from 24th floor in Manhatten

   Charles Murphy, a 56 year old who ran a fund that invested $7 billion with Bernie Madoff and lost everything, jumped to his death yesterday.

   He was in a hotel in Manhatten, on the 24th floor when he apparently committed suicide. 

Calaveras Cannabis Forum cancelled!!

BREAKING NEWS!! Calaveras Measure B eliminated by Judge

   Looks like there will be no Measure B on any  Calaveras County mail out ballots in May of 2017. A judge has ruled that Measure B language failed to comply with election code.

   Other items placed on that ballot will be included as planned.  Measure B, the anti-cannabis measure is not history.   The Calaveras County Clerk/Recorder made the announcement.

FOX's OReilly apologizes for racist joke

   After he was criticized for making racist comments and jokes about Rep. Maxine Waters during a speech she gave at the House of Representatives, FOX's O'Reilly says he apologizes.

   He had commented that she must be wearing a "James Brown wig". He also raised his clenched fist and appeared to mouth "right on" during her speech.   FOX is FOX is FOX is FOX forever!!!