Friday, March 31, 2017

Why does Temp Sheriff Dibasilio love racist criminals???

   We have heard from many of you out there and have experienced for ourselves the unbelievable love and support the temporary sheriff Rick Debasilio has for racist criminals and the dirtiest pig

Big rig and Jaguar collide on Hwy 99

  March 31, 2017 at 10:45 AM:  A big rig and a Jaguar have reportedly collided on Hwy 99 at Arch Road in Stockton.

   Three CHP are at the scene. An ambulance and tow truck are responding.

Michael Flynn denied 'immunity'

   The Senate committee investigating Donald Trump and company's relationship with Russia has denied Michael Flynn immunity for his testimony.

    They did not rule out immunity in the future, after more is known about what Flynn would testify about.

Letter to the Editor: Yes, Trump again!!

   Dear editor:

    I'm sure you must be tired of hearing about Donald Trump, but if I don't vent my anger I think I'll burst!  The scary part is that not everyone is angry about this

City of Angels Camp borrowing MORE money

I want a raise!!!!! I (ribbit) want
a raise!!!
   On Tuesday May 4, 2017 City worker Julie McManus will tell the Angels Camp City Council to approve yet another loan for money to upgrade the wastewater system.

   It wasn't long ago that the City also borrowed money for issues related to water and sewer. This is
usually a precursor to their RAISING RATES. 

Power lines down in Farmington

   March 31, 2017 at 8:40 AM:  Power lines have been reported down on Van Allen Road near Hwy 4 in Farmington.

   Avoid the area if possible until PG&E crews can repair.

Calaveras COG needs new Executive Director! Eads quits!

   At the Calaveras Council of Governments meeting on April 5, 2017 the Board will appoint Melissa Raggio to temporarily fill the Executive Directors position.

   Melissa Eads departure means they will be assigning two board members to recruit the position to
fill it permanently.

Planned water outage in Arnold

  On Monday, April 3, 2017 CCWD plans to shut off the water to Arnold for 4 hours as part of the pipeline replacement project.

   They are hoping to have water restored by noon.