Sunday, April 2, 2017

Anyone out buying cigarettes today? Yikes!!

    So good to hear that tobacco products have another larger tax on them now. What a total waste of money and damage to our children.

   They should add another $5 a pack next time!!

Now that the dog poisoning Nazi snow teletubb.....

BEWARE!  They may look innocent
in their snowsuits, but are out to
torture animals together!!
     Calaveras county can relax a little now that the third Nazi snow teletubb who is believed to be the instigator has been turned into the correct authorities and management locally.

   Showing the photo around on the flyer has netted more information about that criminal tubb than we ever imagined.  If it saves even one animal from the filthy three Nazi tubbs, we'll be happy.

President Trump is a "train wreck"

Only a matter of time now!!
  UPDATE:  While we totally understand the fear and anger of the people being subjected to this