Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pedestrian struck on Hwy 4

   Per CHP on April 24, 2017 at approximately 4:10 AM Robert Hamilton (63) of Murphys, was stopped on Hwy 4 after colliding

Supervisor Mills called "CORRUPT" already??

      Joan Wilson of District 1 voter spoke up at the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on April 25, 2017, saying Supervisor Mills was deceitful and that he is corrupt. People are wanting to remove you from office, she told the board.

  She reminded him that he signed a form at the committee meeting and then publicly denied that he agreed.  Mills called the Chair 'confused' and may be recalled as a result.

Bill McmAnus: "Full-time Rabbel Rouser"

    Bill McmAnus spoke during public comments and began  by describing himself as a"Full-Time Rabble Rouser!"

   In actuality, he is an Oliveira Rabble Rouser!!  He works for District 3 Supervisor and takes his orders from him.

Public WARNS Supervisors f Cannabi BAN!!

   At the April 25, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting a member of the public warned the Supervisors that the county is looking stupid from the outside, trying to institute a ban!!

  They know that!!  This is the type of Board they are . The tea party likes to look stupid! Hope they all get recalled, he warned them.

Corey Burnell, self-described Neo-Confederate Activist: Supervisor Oliveira supports!!

   Corey Burnell is currently hosting videos in which he interviews like-minded Neo-Confederates and racists to be aired

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira refuses to hold Town Hall meetings

    With his re-election campaign ramping up, District 3 Supervisor Oliveira is refusing to hold Town Halls for the public to attend.

   He says people show their anger and he doesn't like dealing with it. He will attend small homeowner association meetings, etc. instead.  Is he afraid of being embarrassed by his inability to handle the supervisor job?

Caltrans work on Hwy 4

   April 25, 2017 at 8 AM:  CHP is assisting with traffic at Hwy 4 and Avery Hotel Road where Caltrans is working.

   Be cautious if in that area.