Wednesday, May 31, 2017

GM lays off half of men at plant

   The GM plant in Warren, Michigan has been notified that half of its workers are being laid off.

   They are eliminating a 2nd shift from their workforce, affected around 300 employees.

Three Placer county officers arrested

   Two correctional officers and a deputy Sheriff have been arrested after an investigation into abuse at the County Jail in Auburn.

   Charges range from falsifying reports to excessive force 'under the color' of authority.

Another 'tweet in mouth' moment by Trumpty

   Late last night a tweet was seen by Trump, saying something about the bad press 'covfefe'

Calaveras Supervisors call Special Meeting

   The Calaveras Supervisors have called a Special Meeting on June 6, 2017 at 10 AM.

   We do not have the agenda yet, but it is likely to do with the Cannabis issue.

No answer to funding ban....Oliveira panics and takes break!!

   When one speaker at the Calaveras Supervisors meeting asked for an answer to how these Supervisors are going to fund a ban on cannabis, there was scared looks from the Board of Supervisors.

   None of them could answer the question and Chair Oliveira panicked and called for a break!!!

Some speaker lie with broad statements...Meth is biggest problem...

   A man got up at the Calaveras Supervisors May 30, 2017 meeting on Cannabis to call attention to the speakers like Reinke, who say 'all the voters in my district want a ban', which is a ridiculous lie.

   These people do NOT seem to care about the real drugs, like METH, which is the biggest problem in Calaveras County. 

Deputy posted to protect Calaveras Supervisors

   A Calaveras Sheriff's deputy was posted near the Supervisors at their May 30, 2017 meeting to discuss cannabis.

    The Sheriff believes that cannabis

Violation of Brown Act??? Calaveras Supervisors??

   During the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on May 30, 2017 three Supervisors sat huddled together while the others left on a break.

   Tofanelli of District 1, Mills of District 4 and Clapp of District 5,

Bait and Switch by Calaveras County

   It is perfectly clear that the County of Calaveras convinced cannabis growers to come out of the shadows and become legal, paying fees and following rules.

   But now they are making their true purpose known, as they are switching

Dennis Mills, Supervisor Calaveras District 4 wants Tea Party TAX

   By refusing to answer, when asked from the audience, he could not say anything except that the TAXPAYER will pay.

   He is the leader of the Tea Party TAX for the GREAT CALAVERAS CANNABIS BAN!!!

The Trumpty Dumpty story

   The Great Trumpty Dumpty says he'll make America GREAT!

    His Attorney General is helping him, if you'll just wait,

Woman says You cannot order me what to do with my LAND!!!

   It used to be that the TEA Party was land rights politically. Now they are anti-land rights!!

  One woman got up at the Calaveras Supervisors

Does Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban create JOBS?????

   One woman got up to speak at the Calaveras Supervisors Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban study session on May 30, 2017 about jobs.

  She said that the cannabis

Woman who LOVES Jefferson Beauregard Sessions speaks...

    A Tea Party woman got up and praised Trump, yes Trump, (you know, the one under investigation and likely impeachment), and the Attorney General (the racist southerner Jefferson Beauregard Sessions) that they will take care of us if we ban cannabis in Calaveras.

    Are these people totally NUTS???

People who buy BIG PHARMA opiates.....

....should try Cannabis, and get off their addictions!!!

   Big Pharma are the ones who

TEA Party leader Vickie Reinke speaks for BAN

   The Republican Tea Party leader Vickie Reinke, as at EVERY meeting, got up and told the public, calmly (as if she is a normal person), that the TEA PARTY demands a BAN.  She speaks for Vickie

Would LOVE more taxes, says older WOMAN

   At the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on May 30, 2017 a 2nd woman got up and said she will be happy with the new Tea Party Cannabis Ban TAX.

   All of the people who want more taxes should pay for the BAN, the GREAT Calaveras Cannabis Ban and Tea Party TAX!!!

Mr. BigPot never stops!!! Great Tea Party Ban!!!

Have one on me,
Mr. Mustache
  Mr. BigPot McmAnus never stops ranting for his Tea Party Ban on all cannabis in Calaveras County.

   The Supervisors were not elected just because of cannabis or no cannabis!  He has no clue because he only listens to racist Tea Party literature and voices.  He is just jealous because he has NO money?  Get a Job, McmAnus!!! Get a JOB!!!

Woody Guthrie lover sings..

   A woman who said she loved Woody Guthrie, sang a song in favor of allowing Cannabis to grow in Calaveras County..

   She got the biggest applause of anyone.  It was terrific!

BIG lawsuits will hold up and cost Calaveras County for Years and Years!!!

   The Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban will be challenged in court. Immediately there will be lawsuits.

   And they will be holding up EVERYTHING for years and years.

The GREAT Calaveras Cannabis BAN!!! Marshall Law????

   New Tea Party Trump Tax in Calaveras County!!   IDIOTS!!!

Tom Tryon says 'little guy' has no RIGHTS with these SUPERVISORS!!!

   Tom Tryon, former District 4 Supervisor, stated at the May 30, 2017 Cannabis BAN meeting, that the Supervisors would incur MARSHALL LAW on Calaveras Citizens.

   He stated that the 'little people' should have some rights for use of their land!!!

Calaveras District 4 Supervisor Mills called LIAR

   During the May 30, 2017 study session for Calaveras County a member of the Public called Supervisor of District 4 a LIAR for stating that the State of California was not going to regulate cannabis.

   Mr. Smith is correct. We agree that Tea Party Supervisor Mills is a LIAR!!  He intentionally lies to make people believe what he wants. He lied to get elected! He lied to the Sierra Sentinel when he was on CCWD.

Magana's SEIU blames Supervisors for FISCAL problems!!!

   And he is correct!!!!  And the Supervisors lay it on the employees. 

   At the Calaveras Supervisor meeting he stated that the UNION of SEIU stands TOGETHER!!!



Public member criticizes Mills for misleading voters!!

   A voter in Greenhorn Creek stated that Supervisor Mills misled him when campaigning. He did not tell voters he wanted BAN at the time.

   He continued, stating that the grows pay for themselves.  Calaveras Cannabis BAN!

Calaveras Supervisors ban...SPI pollutes water more???

   One member of the public called attention to the fact that he grows cannabis for veterans at no cost to them.

   He wants to know how the county can say cannabis pollutes water when SPI pollutes while clear-cutting our forests?

Member of Pubic!! Ban Alcohol too!! Calaveras County BAN!!

   As everyone knows, the US has attempted to ban or prohibit drugs. Alcohol was banned and crime grew unbelievably, so they had to end Prohibition.

   One member of the Public at the Calaveras Supervisors on May 30, 2017, says that Banning Cannabis will do the same. Failed drug laws have proved that for generations.

$2,300,000 demanded from County departments--Calaveras TEA PARTY TAX!!!

   Without any regulation on allowed cannabis grows, the county departments are demanding $2,300,000 for 2017-18 for the BAN!!

   They spent $1,800,000 in the current year for enforcement and regulation. No wonder they are going to TAX us.  TEA PARTY TAX, here we come!!


TEA PARTY TAX coming soon??

   The new Tea Party Tax to make the political extremists happy (the Tea Party Republicans are the main ban proponents), will cost all of us.

   A 10 to 25% tax on all goods sold in the county or increase or bonus charge of all property is what will be happening soon. 

Calaveras Sheriff says taking all property--SEIZURE!!

  In addition to TAXES in Calaveras the Sheriff department says he want to steal (seize) all property where any cannabis is found to add to the tax coffers.

   This was done back in the eighties, when local law enforcement was allowed to keep the land they found with any cannabis plants on them.  Supreme court did not support this theft!

Calaveras Supervisor Mills backs NEW TAX??

   District 4 Supervisor Mills now agrees with the Calaveras Sheriff that more money is needed to eradicate all cannabis in Calaveras.

 Mills is therefore is wanting to hurry NEW TAXES that will be needed forever to stop any cannabis growing in the county

County lying to residents on new TAXES??

   We were told yesterday that when a resident asks the county about these new taxes, they deny that there is any plan for NEW TAXES!!

   We now believe that the county is completely lying to residents; that there will indeed be a NEW TAX on residents. When regulated there is already money for illegals, but in a BAN, there will be no money available.

Calaveras Sheriff--More TAXES to remove cannabis???

   The Sheriff's Office complained at the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on May 30, 2017 during the proposed BAN ordinance Study Session that he needs more money.

   It seems perfectly clear that a TEA PARTY TAX on all residents will be the answer for Calaveras to remove every cannabis plant in the county.

NEW TAX in Calaveras County

   Calaveras County Supervisor are secretly discussing the new TAX to support their BAN of Cannabis in Calaveras County.
   They don't want it discussed publicly, but there is no money anywhere, but in the taxpayers pockets, so get ready for a LARGE tax in Calaveras!!!

Yet another Point of Order at Calaveras Supervisors

   After Chair Oliveira stopped a speaker from talking Cannabis, Deena Morris was allowed to get up and speak in favor of the BAN.

   She said that RAISING TAXES TO pay for the BAN is OKAY with her!!!  Then another Point of Order was called.  Oliveira cannot control a meeting. Let the real Chair, Diane, run the meeting, as she does anyway.

Point of Order called twice during Public Comment in Calaveras

   A Point of Order was yelled out twice at the May 30, 2017 Supervisors meeting because Calaveras Supervisor Chair Oliveira was allowing Public Comments to be made before the agenda item, on Cannabis.

   Oliveira does NOT know how to run a meeting and people continued to make comments on Cannabis.  He finally stopped the speakers during a long story about one man's experience.

Large crowd at Calaveras Supervisors night meeting

   The house was full, so to speak, for the Calaveras Supervisors meeting in San Andreas on May 30, 2017, due to the cannabis Study Session on the agenda.

   From the beginning, the board was challenged for HOW

Car into tree off Hwy 108

   May 31, 2017 at 8:30 AM:  A car has reportedly hit a tree off Hwy 108 in the Cold Springs area.

   No injuries have been indicated. Be careful driving, as it is raining in the Mother Lode.