Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Please PRAY for us....CALAVERAS!! Lora Most is BACK!!

   Now that the right wing religious wackos are back running the Calaveras County Supervisors, we really do need help!!

Traffic collision in West Point

   UPDATE:  This collision resulted in major injuries.

Public member says malfeasance

   During the continued June 20, 2017 Study Session of the Calaveras Supervisors Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban, one woman came to the podium to accuse

Calaveras Citizen: Ace Hardware in Arnold a grower???

   A woman got up during the Calaveras County Cannabis Study Session, angry about Ace Hardware financing a pro-cannabis stance.

   She says that Ace Hardware is a major grower in Arnold. 

Wacko Minister outside Calaveras Supervisors praying that cannabis should be banned -- Mandate from Heaven

   One member of the public got up and made public that some right wing minister was outside the Calaveras Supervisors meeting, PRAYING with the Tea Party.  HUH???

Tea Party Reinke out there again

   The Tea Party spokesperson Vickie Reinke, speaking for Vickie Mills, who is President of the Tea Party, says they MUST ban cannabis.

  Is religion part of this??

Calaveras Supervisor Mills Anti-job

You want to work and support
your family--NOT in
Calaveras County, we say!
  One of the reasons that Calaveras Supervisors Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli are anti-cannabis is due to their personal policy to make Calaveras County anti-job

It's a wacko Tea Party religious law...

Toff, get off the pot, me and Clapper
need to use it!!!
   Everyone knows that the Tea Party, or extremist right wing religious people, are anti-marijuana; it's an unwritten law in that wacko group.

   They are for getting DRUNK, taking METH and other hard drugs, but against cannabis use, growth or distribution.  It's a law!!!  Are they all NUTS or what???

Ebbetts Pass Moose Lodge bridge funds in question??

    We expect members of the Ebbetts Pass Moose Lodge to show up at the Calaveras Supervisors meeting this morning at 9 AM.

   Yesterday, the Administrator Bill Kislingbury put out a letter cancelling their planned workday on the bridge project due to a problem with financing at the County.

Fire in Phoenix Lake area

This home burned completely and there was little the fire crews
could do, but keep it from spreading to other homes and the
forest around it.  This is in the Phoenix Lake area of Tuolumne County.
Photo by Tuolumne County Sherifff

How did Calaveras County get its name??

   Calaveras--means Skulls in Spanish!  Why are we called Calaveras (Skulls) County?  Are we the county of death???

   Back in the 1800's when any Native Americans tribes