Saturday, July 8, 2017

Grass Fire in Burson

  UPDATE at 2:40 PM:  Appears that this fire was quickly contained.

Trump shut out and isolated at G20

   Trump was happy to meet with his old friend Putin at the G20 Conference this week, but was shut out and protested.

    The G20 approved the Paris Climate agreement without him, isolating the US. China and Germany are now the most powerful countries in the world, not the US or Russia.

Gone fishin' ???

  A man in Iowa caught this fish and as he was bringing it in, a large water snake (non-poisonous) grabbed it from his line.

   While rather large, authorities say it isn't a dangerous type of snake. Yikes!  Gone fishin' lately??

Wall Fire in Butte County grows

Cal Fire reports at 4:05 PM on July 8, 2017 that the Wall Fire near Sangor is still at 2000 acres and containment is now 5%.

  No more homes have been lost today. the number still stands at 10.

Dogs terrified by Fireworks

   All across the country this week we have read about dogs who are still missing after being terrified by fireworks going off near them.

   A Marine veteran in Alabama is even offering a $1000 reward for the safe return of his service dog, who has been missing since the 4th. Always keep your dog inside or in a secure area when using

Iowa woman pleads guilty to voting twice...

   When she showed up a second time, a woman in Iowa was arrested at a polling place for a felony voter fraud.

   In court, she admitted to the crime, saying she needed to vote for Trump twice, because he had told everyone Clinton was stealing votes from him.  So, it seem that it is Trump voters who are illegal!!