Sunday, July 16, 2017

Motorcycle crash in Volcano

   July 16, 2017 at 8:55 PM:  A motorcycle has collided with an SUV on Shake Ridge Road and Allan Road in Volcano.

   Emergency personnel, including an ambulance are responding. Both lanes are blocked.

Dog on French Gulch Road

   July 16, 2017 at 8:50 PM:  Watch for a black and white dog on French Gulch Road near Darby Lane in Murphys.

   CHP is en route to the area.

Elizabeth Warren says all Wells Fargo board members should GO

   After Elizabeth Warren issue a statement that the large fines for all the scandals at Wells Fargo Bank didn't go far enough, she said she felt the Board should take responsibility and GO.

   However, Wells Fargo says they think the Board is doing the right thing and no action is being taken against any of them.

Be careful what VET you choose

   As people who love animals, we have probably visited many of the vets in Calaveras County.

   We have had one serious problem, however. Not with the care, but with a dog-poisoner loving

City of Angels worried about ARRESTS of councilpersons????

   The Mayor of Angels Camp, (the City of no regard) seemed ridiculous as the council spent so much time trying to help Mr. Big Pot McmAnus ban cannabis

Big Foot Albino Tiny D*** in a bitty red wagon??

  We hear that Big Foot Tiny D*** is still trying to fit into his new bitty red wagon.

Into the mouths of babes!

  If you love birds and would like to watch a mother swallow feeding her young brood, go to Meadowmont Shopping Center on Hwy 4 in Arnold and walk down under the porch cover near the Mark Twain Medical Clinic.
   In one nest, you will see a mother working hard to feed FIVE baby swallows. People come by just to take photos of the family. Check them out.

The Sunday TRUMP: Laying on of 'little' hands???

Such 'little' hands! Can't you use 'bigger' hands?
Help me lie my way out of this one, will ya???
"More hands! More hands! Help me!" cried the Trumper while all those evangelical extremist religious leaders were allowed into the Oval Office.

 " Be sure all your parishioners get a photo, so they know what a wonderful Christian wacko I am. They love me, no matter what I do, right???", seemed to resonate throughout the West Wing.