Monday, July 17, 2017

Fire near Clements

   July 17, 2017 at 7:45 PM:  A brush fire has been reported on Liberty Road and Dry Creek Road just outside Clements.

   Fire personnel are responding to the scene.

Detwiller Fire in Mariposa County

  As of 5:45 PM on July 17, 2017 the Detwiller Fire near Lake McClure is 11,000 acres. Miraculously only 1 home has been destroyed so far.

   A spot fire has been reported across Hwy 49 in Bear Valley. It has reached about 200 acres so far. Evacuations are ordered for the entire area.  There is 0 containment so far.

If you love wildlife...

What a lovely surprise this resident got
when a gorgeous bobcat appeared at the
   Those of us who love living in the forest, and care about the wildlife that lives there, don't like seeing them hit by cars as they cross to get to water.

   Put a water pond, birdbath, even buckets or wading pools of fresh water and you may save a life from the slaughter of the highways.  You will also enjoy the rewards of seeing wildlife up close.

Were you raised by a Catholic Nazi??

   If you were raised by a Catholic Nazi then you believe that your God will punish you for your evil sins; and if you don't attend confession it could be much worse.

   Therefore you understand

Maria Fire in Mokelumne Hill

  The Maria Fire near Mokelumne Hill has burned 55 acres and is 40% contained tonight.

   Evacuations have been lifted. One civilian was burned and air flighted to UC Davis for treatment.

Field on Fire reported on Marantha Lane

   July 17, 2017 at 3:15 PM:  A field has been reported on fire at Marantha Lane and Doster Lane outside Mokelumne Hill.

   Units are responding. It may be sparks from the Maria Fire.

Per CalFire: Maria Fire 45 acres

CalFire photo
  UPDATE at 3:05 PM:  it is now 45 acres and is 20% contained. One injured civilian. We haven't heard about homes or structures.  Ebbetts Pass engines just headed down the hill.

Calaveras Sheriff says: Be prepared to EVACUATE!

  UPDATE at 2:45 PM:  It sounds like they are still waiting for air attack.   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office just sent out an alert about the Maria Fire. They just requested two more water tenders.

   All it says is BE Prepared to EVACUATE!!!  A helicopter just picked up 2 apparently injured in the Maria Fire. they are headed for UC Davis

Car 100' off Red Corral Road in Pioneer

   July 17, 2017 at 2:25 PM:  A woman has run off Red Corral Road and is 100' off the roadway and out of sight in Pioneer.

   Emergency personnel are responding to the scene.

Music in the Parks coming to Mountain Ranch

  Brothers Strong is scheduled to perform in Mountain Ranch on July 19, 2017.

    The performance is planned for the Community Park between 6:30 PM and 8 PM.

Air attack assisting with Maria Fire

   UPDATE at 2:10 PM:  Yet another strike team has also been requested in the Maria Fire.

Major injuries in Mountain Ranch motorcycle crash

     According to the CHP report, on July 15, 2017 around 10:15 PM Joshua Hutchinson (43) of Santa Clara was riding his 2016 KTM 390 Duke motorcycle northbound on Whiskey Slide Road

FIRE on Jesus Maria Road

  UPDATE at 1:50 PM:  Additional strike team ordered for this fire. Immediate need!!!  All of Indian Gulch area has been notified and evacuated.  Being called the Maria IC.

Trump's phony 'Made in America' week

   What a joke Trump is playing on the American manufacturers, who he and his new wifey Pence, said they worship, today.

   They make their products here in the US, while Trump and Ivanka products are made overseas at t fraction of the cost. SUCKERS!!!!

Dear Editor: Why does Trump base love Russia???

   Dear Editor:

    We became part of a large discussion about Trump over the weekend.  Isn't everyone?? Anyway this was about Trump

Logging truck and small pickup collide

   July 17, 2017 at 11:05 AM:  A logging truck and a small pickup have reportedly collided on Ridgeview Drive and Creekside Drive in the Phoenix Lake area.

   No injuries have been indicated and no tow truck is required.  The roadway is partially blocked, so be cautious if headed that way.

Man down on Hwy 4 in Vallecito

   July 17, 2017 at 10:40 AM:  A man is reportedly down in the roadway at Hwy 4 and Vallecito Bypass Road in Vallecito.

   Emergency personnel are responding to the scene.

Fire in Jamestown

   UPDATE at 10:50 AM:  Fire is about 1 acre in size at this time.  Forward progress is stopped.

Detwiler Fire near Lake McClure more than doubles

   As of 7:20 AM on July 17, 2017 CalFire shows the Detwiler Fire near Lake McClure to be 7100 acres with 0 containment.

   One home is reportedly destroyed and 1 damaged so far. The smoke is invading Calaveras and Tuolumne counties.  Evacuations are expanding. 

"Just a matter of time....before I do it again!"

   We got a comment from someone very familiar with where we live, the 'Blue Tarp Gang' and we would publish the comment except for their crude language.

   The comment mentions us by name and states

Detwiler Fire--Near Lake McClure

     July 17, 2017:   Several units from the Tuolumne Calaveras CalFire unit were dispatched to assist with the Detwiler Fire yesterday.

   We don't have an update yet this morning, but as of last night 2500 acres had burned with no containment. Evacuations are in place in this area of Mariposa County.

Trump Trolls--may get rid of Mueller???

Blues and Bones coming to Frogtown

   On July 28 and 29, 2017 the Blues and Bones Festival is coming to Frogtown.

   For tickets or more information go to