Thursday, July 20, 2017

Does anyone know a guy named Jake Read????

Missing in ACTION???

Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County

   For some reason CalFire is reporting that only 500 more acres burned today in the Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County.

   Still it is only 10% contained. 50 homes have burned and many other structures have been
destroyed or damaged.

Motorcycle collision near Knights Ferry

   July 20, 2017 at 6 PM:  A motorcycle collision has been reported on Hwy 108 and Kennedy Road, just outside Knights Ferry.

  An ambulance and tow truck are responding to the scene.

Vehicle fire in Twain Harte

   July 20, 2017 at 4:10 PM:  A vehicle is reportedly on fire on Hwy 108 in Twain Harte.

   Emergency responders are en route to the scene.

Fire reported in Columbia

   July 20, 2017 at 2:55 PM:  A grass fire has been reported on Robinhood Lane and Jamestown Road in the Columbia area.

   CalFire is responding to the scene.

Finally!! Target Shooting restrictions

   In a press release the Bureau of Land Management in El Dorado Hills has issued an emergency target shooting restriction on public lands managed by BLM in 15 counties.

   Beginning today, July 20, no target shooting will be allowed to be fire due to high fire potential.  This remains in effect until fire dangers subside.

Philip Hilmanofski of Angels Camp

  Philip Douglas Hilmanofski passed away in Sonora on July 19, 2017 at the age of 90.

   Born on May 2, 1927 in

No access to Yosemite from Hwy 140

   For the many tourists who were looking forward to visiting Yosemite this week, we recommend changing your plans.  We understand that some of the roads are open, but that the smoke makes it very difficult to enjoy the park.

  We did just hear the Hwy 120 is open to leave the park.

Firefighter numbers double in Mariposa-Detwiler Fire

What can you do, but sit and hope someone can stop
the flames before they reach your home!
  We aren't sure why, but now there are twice as many firefighters on the lines in Mariposa as there were yesterday.

   The fire is creeping towards the town and bulldozers are moving massive amounts of dirt in an effort to draw a line around and save the town.

Lil' Jefferson Beauregard Sessions not quitting??

   After the bash job that Trump did on Sessions in a NYT interview, many thought he would get mad

Request for 2 more choppers -- probably NOT!

  A request was made for 2 more choppers for one area of the Detwiler Fire.  The response was, probably not, you will have to share with another unit.

   They have got to be kidding???  Are military aircraft now being used?

Trumpinocchio threatens Mueller--don't touch family finances

Some still believe he may find a way to fire Mueller
   If you've ever heard a murderer say 'don't look in that drawer for the gun", then you know how Special Investigator Mueller must feel after Trumps recent warning.

   Why would Trump warn Mueller 'family finances are not for investigating?"  We are sure he is much more interested now. 

More dozers have been requested--Smoke heavy for air

   UPDATE: Heavy smoke is making it difficult for air drops to get into fire areas.

 July 20,  2017 at 9:35 AM:  More bulldozers have just been requested for the fire lines of the Detwiler Fire.

   They are trying to draw lines around homes and businesses in the fire area. The fire is headed for Tuolumne County and Yosemite.

CHP blocking Hwy 49 at Hwy 120--Detwiler Fire

   July 20, 2017 at 9:30 AM:  It appears that CHP is now stopping all traffic on Hwy 49 at Hwy 120 in Jamestown.

   It is advised that everyone stay out of the fire area, so that firefighters can do their jobs. People in Greeley Hill are now advised of evacuations.

Detwiler Fire moves 4 miles closer to Coulterville

Detwiler footprint as of 1 AM July 20, 2017
It is now only 2 miles outside Coulterville
The accurate acreage is 73,096 as of 1 AM

Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County overwhelms CalFire

   Just like in the Butte Fire in Calaveras County, the Detwiler Fire has so overwhelmed Cal Fire that the total acreage is now 70,096 and is only 10% contained (that which has already burned).

Coulterville evacuated

  Mariposa and Coulterville have both been evacuated due to the Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County.

   29 homes have been destroyed and 5 damaged. As of 9 PM on July 19, 2017 48,000 acres have burned and still only 7% containment.