Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Oil, Oil, Oil...clear harmless Oil, a little slippery, but that's ok, right??

Losers should keep their stinking
logs on their OWN land!
There will be a price to pay!!!
What?? Afraid of a little Castor Oil. Good for the mental instability that ails you??? We hear it even helps with affliction of violent racism!!

We can't stop laughing at one person's telling us what to do about

Special Counsel Mueller hire his 16th attorney today in Trump investigation!

  Thank you Mr. Mueller, for hiring yet another attorney to investigate Trump. This one, we understand, is a specialist in bribery from foreign countries.

   With this one and the financial one to get into Trumps tax records, things are going to get interesting.  We see impeachment down the road!! He deserves it!

Oliveira's MOOSE-Gate--NO Check! NO Bridge!!!

   Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveira offered to buy the Moose in Arnold off (over 400 votes) and make the taxpayers buy them a new bridge on Blagen Road.

   Now the Auditor (BLESS HER HEART), the absolute smartest county employee these days, refuses to write the check because the Stupidvisors have not approved the budget.

   So, NO Bridge--MOOSE-gate, Oliveiras nemesis!!!  We need someone to step up and run against this dufus for Supervisor next year.  Who will SAVE District 3 from the bums who hang around that idiot???

Why has Assessor Davis increased tax bills???

   Most everyone in Calaveras who owns property worth much received a new assessment bill from Leslie Davis'  office.

   We are attempting to figure out, including asking her, why she can support this?  Something is not right here!  We know the County needs money, but not a PHONY way.  EARN IT!!!

Comey gets $2 million book deal

  Ex-FBI Director James Comey just got a $2 million book deal to write about EVERYTHING!!

  The book is due out next Springs. WOW!!!

Lane Fire caused by human with GRINDER

   Although CalFire sets out every year all the rules about what NOT to do in dry grass, there are just some people who don't, or won't listen.

  The Lane Fire in Burson was determined to have been caused by a human running a metal grinder in the dry grass.

Trump sets RACIST immigration policy, just for EVANGELICALS

  All the talk lately is that the so-called EVANGELICAL Christians are the worst of all the

Queen Elizabeth has 4 cocktails a day at 91

   Queen Elizabeth is not one to change her habits much. She still has her usual 4 cocktails a day, starting with a gin and Dubonnet with lemon and ice before lunch.

   During lunch, she has a glass of wine.  In the evenings she will have a dry Martini (we don't know shaken or stirred) and before bed a glass of champagne.  She says it keeps the doctor away. She's 91, so maybe she knows something we don't.

Tractor pulling pesticide collides with car

   August 2, 2017 a car and a tractor collided on Jack Tone Road and Copperopolis Road outside Stockton.

   Pesticide is spilled all over the road. Hazmat has been ordered to the scene.

Mommy, Mommy..I want to be President some day!!

   Okay Johnny, just start practicing now!  Tell your teachers

Angels Camp man arrested for threats

    On July 30, 2017 Alberto Bass (59) of Angels Camp was arrested at the Sonora Adventist Heath Clinic.  Unforfortunately, violent criminal threats, especially from racists and dirty cops are common these days!

   Bass allegedly made felony criminal threats at the clinic, prompting calls to law enforcement.  Good job Tuolumne County.  In Calaveras County, our Sheriff's department would treat him like a hero!! Just help me get elected and NO CHARGES will be filed, GOT IT??