Saturday, August 5, 2017

Apple owns more US securities than most countries

   Apple Computer owns $52.6 billion in U.S. Securities per the most recent regulatory filing.

    $20.1 billion is in short-term securities and $31.35 billion is in long term securities.  Only 22 countries own more. Amazing! Keep buying those iphones!

Moose-Gate Bridge costing $297,961--Secret item???

   A secret item in the Consent Agenda portion of the Calaveras Supervisors meeting of August 8, 2017 meeting is to AGAIN approve a Moose-Gate Bridge for Supervisor Oliveira's

Have you ever been a dirty cop??

  Anyone referred to as a 'Dirty Cop' needs to answer a few simple questions:

   Do you deny that you ever were a Dirty Cop?

Reward in Detwiler Fire gun case!

   Cal Fire is offering a reward for information regarding the shooters in the Detwiler Fire case.

   It was near Detwiler and Hunter Valley Roads, around 2 miles from Lake McClure.  Contact your local Cal Fire office or call anonymously 550-498-7867.   If you know something, report it!! It is likely someone who lives in the area.

Calaveras temporary Sheriff "bait and switch" corruption???

   Over the past few days the Calaveras Sheriff's department has been bragging about their expertise in locating and cutting down marijuana plants grown without permits in the county. What a joke!!

   Isn't it true that this temporary Sheriff, DiBasilio, actually knew exactly where to go

Russia; Trump is weak, was outwitted

After reading the transcript of the idiotic phone conversation between Trump and the Mexican President,  Prime Minister Medvedev spoke out.

   They feel that Trump is WEAK and has been OUTWITTED again and again. Trump actually tried to get the President of Mexico to LIE for him; to help him politically.  BARF!! BARF!!!

GUN thugs, GUNS caused the Detwiler FIRE!! Friends of Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira!!

Children learning to be gun thugs!!!
   We just learned that the cause of the Detwiler Fire was GUNS, Gun thugs, GUNS!!  The government continues to allow gun thugs calling themselves