Sunday, August 13, 2017

Racist Pro-Trump chimps group Patriot Prayer in Seattle

Here I come
walking down the
street, chump-chimp!
   The Alt-Right racist extremists group who calls themselves the pro-Trump Patriot Prayer is marching in Seattle this afternoon.

   Protest groups against the racists are being kept back away from the TrumpChumps to try and prevent more violence.  Trump sends these groups out for one thing only!!!

Self-destruction of the Trump Alt-Right Presidency

   Anything built on hatred, racism, violence and extremism is doomed to fail.  Such is the Trump Alt-Right Presidency.

   Call it Alt-Right, White

Three vehicle crash on Hwy 88

   August 13, 2017 at 3 PM:  A three car crash has been reported on Hwy 88 near Waterloo Road in Stockton.

   An ambulance is responding due to major injuries.  Avoid the area as the roadway is blocked.

Confederate statues erected in 1960's

   During the time of the federal governments fight to end school segregation in the 1960's many governors had civil war monuments erected.

   The purpose was to solidify white supremacy in the south, and try to fight segregation. Just tear the stupid statues down. Stop talking about it!!! These people were traitors to our country!

One dead in car crash with cow

   On Friday August 11, 2017 around 8:40 PM three cows reportedly walked in from of a car on Clements Road and Stampedes Road outside Clements.

   The driver was unable to avoid hitting one of the cows. One person in the vehicle died and otherss were taken to a hospital with injuries.

Sierra Sentinel: The ANTI-TRUMP of the Sierras

Racism: A mental illness--Incurable??? LOCK THEM UP!!!

  Over the past year we've heard a lot of Trumpchump chants, including the famous