Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Burglary at Valley Springs Pharmacy

   According to the Calaveras Sheriff's Office on August 16, 2017 at about 6:20 AM deputies responded to Foothill Pharmacy at

Traffic collision in Jamestown

   August 16, 2017 at 5 PM:  A T-bone traffic collision has been reported between two Toyotas on Hwy 120 and Jacksonville Road in Jamestown.

   An ambulance and two tow trucks are responding to the scene. One vehicle is blocking the roadway, so be cautious if in the area.

Amador County forms anti-racist group

   A group of people from Amador County have formed an anti-racist group recently. In their flyer they state that they intend to stop racism from infiltrating the foothill

Can you tie it all together??? To Trump??

    It has taken awhile for the public to make the realization that certain things are tied in with certain elected officials.

   If you know a person is anti-cannabis, they are most likely religious extremists, intolerant of others opinions, anti-womens rights, racist, trumpers, Oliveirites pro-domestic terrorism and dirty cops!  Think about it and be careful who you associate with in this dangerous time.

As more CEO's quit, Trump disbands councils

  In the wake of more CEO's quitting his JOBS and Manufacturing Councils, Trump has been forced to disband them both.

  Trump has no one to blame but himself.  No one wants to be associated with racists!!! It will hurt their businesses.

Dave Bean of Mountain Ranch

   David Ray Bean (Dave) of Mountain Ranch, was born April 18, 1939 in Belle Fourche, South Dakota to George Burdette and Violet Margareet (Tope) Bean.  He succumbed to

City of Angels Camp admits wrongdoing questions?? Corruption!!!

Give me new truck!
I'll keep quiet, not
investigate, allow
racists to continue, etc.
   The Angels Camp Police Chief has released a statement to try and quell questions about him and his department regarding the Calaveras Grand Jury findings

Who are Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira's favorite RACISTS???

   Everyone knows that last campaign District 3 Supervisor Oliveira ran a racist and purely gun thug campaign,  led by a man we know to be a low-life racist Mike Preston and others, like dirty racist cops.

   Now that we have a known racist President, will Oliveira try to hide his racism and kkk friends?  We are watching to find out!  We think he will continue his white supremacist ways!!

   We are also told that our temporary Sheriff DiBasilio hangs out with them, meaning that he is also one of them. We do NOT need racists in elected office in Calaveras.  Is the Foothills Rising group going to fight them???

Shopping for new computer??

  In case you are shopping for a new computer, you should know that the CEO of Dell is staying on Trumps business council.

   We cannot support anyone or their company who thinks Trumps racist beliefs and policies are beneficial to America. 

Alt-Right economy and jobs??

   Early this morning, a woman we could not identify was being interviewed on Squawk Box as Joe Kernan looked straight ahead.  The Alt-Right economy--Is it to avoid taxes or dealing with the average company CEO's?

   She talked about an Alt-Right economy, including Bitcoin, but far more. Companies started with right-wing money, hiring racists who can't get or keep jobs in normal companies.  Scary and fascinating at the same time.

The day Rock and Roll died...40 years ago!

   It was 40 years ago today that Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, died at his home at Graceland.

    Hard to believe its been that long! Do you remember where you were?

McClintock = TRUMP = McClintock!!!

   They are the same. The same racists, mysogenists, domestic terrorists and hate groups that Trump supports? 

   McClintock is in lock-step with Trump in every way. Ask him if he denounces TRUMP after his insanity rant of August 15, 2017?  He won't!

From the creation of the "Birther" movement, you've known...

   All the people who supported and voted for Trump are not racists?  Now that's a good joke!  I didn't know he was such a racist? 

Monuments hauled away in darkness

   Baltimore, Maryland City Council decided they weren't waiting for Trumps friends and supporters like the kkk, the white supremacists, neo-nazis and alt-righters to descend on their city.

   In the middle of the night last night, all confederate statues were quietly removed and taken to a place out of sight.   Smart move, Baltimore!!

It's not Trumps fault!! They're NICE Nazi's!!

   The GOP has failed the voters of the United States of America. Neither McConnell nor Ryan will name Trump in their statements against Neo-Nazis. (but he says they're NICE Nazis)

   Republicans blame Bannon and Duke and Spencer, (known white Supremacists) for Trumps insane rant in New York yesterday.  What we'd like to know is, what do Jared Kushner and Ivanka think? And what does Netanyahu now believe?

South Fork Fire in Yosemite grows

  August 16, 2017:  The South Fork Fire in Yosemite National Park has grown to 1700 acres overnight.

   There is apparently no containment at this point.