Saturday, August 19, 2017

Be careful who you donate to....

  We have recently become aware of a couple who has been taking donations for years after minor illness, fraudulently not reporting them to the IRS, fixing up their home, buying new cars, etc.

   Be very careful and always write a check or ask for a receipt when you offer to donate. Many are out there ripping hardworking people off.  Report them to the IRS as we do. Let them do a complete investigation.

If you associate in any way with a RACIST, you ARE a racist!

   If you have coffee with, booze with or chuckle over dirty jokes about women and minorities with a racist, you ARE a racist!

   If you are a veteran

Now Hiring!! Screen worker!

ALCAL Glass hiring screen worker --
to repair and build new screens for customers!
Call 795-9240 for interview!
Pay commensurate with qualifications!

Big lawsuit against state for Twin Tunnels!

  UPDATE:  Per Joel Metzger, CCWD is not involved in the Twin Tunnels lawsuit!  We have asked him why?

Cubbies have to eat, too!

These 4 cubs are sharing salmon their mom caught them at Brooks
Falls in Katmai, Alaska. You can watch the bears live!!

Billionaire Mercer family got Bannon and Conway their jobs -- new TV show?

   We have now learned that both Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway were Mercer employees in their right wing media empire when the Mercers

Trumps Arts Council disbands

  In the wake of Trumps rant against the left in a press conference this week, where he defended the racist right wing, alt-right, white supremacists, his CEO support disappeared.

   Now his Arts Council has disbanded after many resigned in disgust.  Trump will not be attending the Kennedy Center honor night this year, as other Presidents have done in the past.

All White Supremacist racists should lose their jobs!

   It is not against the labor laws, either to refuse to hire a racist or to fire a racist for

Did City of Angels Camp help CAO get new job without firing?

   It took the Calaveras Grand Jury to force out into the public that there was a question of misappropriation of funds against the former CAO, McHatten, who got a new job last fall.

   It was perfectly clear from the incompetent press release