Monday, August 21, 2017

Head-on collision on Hwy 4

   On August 20, 2017 around 11:30 AM per CHP a San Jose resident was driving on Hwy 4 and failed to negotiate a turn near Stallion Way.

   His vehicle ended up colliding head-on with an oncoming vehicle. An 8 year old was transported to the U.C. Davis Medical Center with major injuries.

Caltrans working on Hwy 49

   Be cautious if driving Hwy 49 between downtown Angels Camp and the Tuolumne County line this week.

   Caltrans is doing construction work and there will be one-way traffic in the area.

Car vs. tree on Hwy 26

   August 21, 2017 at 8:15 AM:  A car reportedly left Warren Road at Hwy 26 and struck a tree. CHP is at the scene.

   Minor injuries are indicated in this collision below Rancho Calaveras.

Eclipse time is here!

  Whether you're chasing the best view or glad its almost over, the total eclipse crossing the U.S. starts this morning.

   Some are making money off selling special glasses to watch and camping spots to watch from the most open areas. Ridiculous, maybe, but true.

Missing Sailors after USS McCains strikes oil tanker

The USS McCain is named after
Senator McCains father
   Five sailors were injured and ten others are missing after the USS McCain struck or was struck by an oil tanker.

   The Navy is searching for the missing sailors as the ship limps back into port.

Jerry Falwell defends Trump: Anyone surprised??

Letter to the Calaveras Supervisors

   Dear Calaveras County Board of Supervisors,

   I've made my support for the Dollar General store in West Point known, and I have made my beliefs regarding the Snowden,