Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Alt-Right= Racist White Supremacist

Small earthquake near Golden Gate Bridge

   An early morning earthquake of 3.2 was felt near the Golden Gate Bridge around 5:30 AM August 22, 2017.

   No damage has been reported, but it puts a scare in many locals.

Town Hall meeting in Mokelumne Hill

   On August 28, 2017 CCWD will hold a TOWN HALL meeting in Mokelumne Hill to discuss the Mokelumne River future.

   The meeting is at 8283 Main Street and begins at 6 PM.

We got throught this one, we'll get through the other

   Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, tweeting yesterday "Wish the moon wasn't the only thing casting a shadow across the country.

   We got through this one, we'll get through the other!"  Whoa!  Trolling Trump???

Friends of the Fair elects new Directors

  At the August meeting of Friends of the Fair new Directors were elected:

   Jeff Hughes, Tim Osky, Tom Danielson and Jennifer Herndon are the new Directors.  FOF meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Camp's Restaurant in Greenhorn Creek.  For more information go to friendsofthecalaverascountyfair.org. 



Bonnie Newman says the Donald OD's on Viagra!!

   Bonnie Newman of Double Springs gave a report on many words starting with the letter D, beginning with Dimensia, ending with the "Donald".

   Newman believes, she said, that the Donald has Dimensia, and is made worse by overdosing on VIAGRA!!!  You go, girl!

Racist Republicans trying to hurt Hispanics in California

   SB 54 is now officially opposed by the Calaveras Republican Party, the most racist bunch

Why is Lisa Mutterties fighting with Oliveira's wife??

      BUZZ SAW of Ebbetts Pass, District 3, Calaveras County:

   In all the rumors going around about the new KKK branch

Trump: Let's send YOUR boys into war!!

   Last night Trump totally FLIP-FLOPPED on his stance on the war in Afghanistan. He now says he can win it --  with OUR sons and grandsons!!

  Just like the draft-dodger he was, his sons will never be sent to any of his never-ending wars. HE believes wars are for poor people to fight and die in.  Trump is a total LOSER!!