Friday, August 25, 2017

Gorka gets fired by Trump

   Sebastian Gorka, well-known racist and Trumps counter-terrorism expert, was fired today by the White House.

   Arpaio in, Gorka out!  Who knows with this nut in the West Wing.

"Every sperm is sacred..."

   The Monty Python movie "The Meaning of Life" (at least in the extremist right wing religious world) was just playing on TV. If you've never seen it, you really MUST!

    I walked into the room in time to hear "Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great (Make America GREAT again), If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate."  What a classic exposure that movie is about religion in general.

Racists fear 'dog poop'!

   The Patriot Prayer march in San Francisco was called off by its racist organizers today. They said they were afraid.

   It might have been due to the promise of dog poop smeared all over the field where they were planning on demonstrating for their alt-right, white supremacist views.  Don't they all carry pooper scoopers anyway?  They should, to clean up their own filth!!

Trump pardons racist Sheriff

  Of the thousands of people who have applied for pardons in Federal prisons, many whom are there just for growing cannabis, guess who Trump picks to pardon?

  Why, his buddy and fellow racist Joe Arpiao, ex-Sheriff in Arizona, convicted of civil rights violations against Hispanics for years.  

Collision on Hwy 4

   UPDATE:  This actually occurred closer to Hunt Road.

  August 25, 2017 at 3:50 PM:  A traffic collision

Calaveras Supervisors steal Tobacco Tax money for debts

   On August 29, 2017 the Calaveras Supervisors will accept the $300+ allotment of Tobacco Tax monies from the state.

   Isn't this the money they have PRE-SPENT for years on their DEBT??? This never goes to children!!

Sheriff gets Supervisors to create fund for Spending on POT??

   To correct the violation of law of the Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio, he has conned the Calaveras Supervisors (especially the Chair Oliveira) into changing the law and creating a fund

Pedestrian on Hwy 49 in lane

   August 25, 2017 at 2:15 PM:  A female pedestrian has been reported walking in the traffic lane of Hwy 49 near Lombardi Road in Mokelumne Hill.

   Vehicles are honking. CHP is responding to the area.

Caltrans work on Hwy 49 Angels Camp

   Caltrans will be working on Hwy 49 in the Annex of Angels Camp to repair a slipout.

   Traffic will be one-way with 10 minute delays.

The headaches of the Big Trees Hwy 4 work continue

   Caltrans will continue their work on Hwy 4 near Big Trees in Ebbetts Pass next week.

   One way traffic assures travelers that there will continue to be headaches in that area until this job is finished.

Caltrans work on Hwy 49 in the Annex of Angels Camp

   Caltrans will be working on Hwy 49 in the Annex of Angels Camp to repair a slipout in that area.

   One way traffic with 10 minute delays can be expected.

Debris lost on Milton Road

   August 25, 2017 at 1:45 PM:  A vehicle reported that a truck dropped plywood that hit his vehicle on Milton Road near Rock Creek Road in Milton.

   CHP has been notified.  The truck apparently didn't notice and kept going. There is still debris in the roadway.

Smokey says...

 Be careful!!

Fire in Oakdale area

   UPDATE at 1:40 PM:  Fire is about 1 acre. They are requesting a hand crew from Vallecito. Fire under control.

Fire in Double Springs

UPDATE at 1:20 PM:  Engines are being released from this fire. Under control. Total 9.6 acres burned.

The Sierra Sentinel does not take comments...

   We find it necessary to repeat our policy of NOT taking comments, letters or other communications from anyone associated with the Alt-Right, White Supremacists, dirty cops, kkk lovers or other extremists.

   Right-wing extremism is dangerous for our country and for our County and the Sierra Sentinel will not be a part of it!!

Shoplifting in Copperopolis

  On August 24, 2017 a shoplifter was reported by a business on Spangler Road in Copperopolis.

   The Calaveras Sheriff took a report. No other details are known at this time.

GOP leaders don't think Trump can save Presidency

   Senator Bob Corker and other Republicans seems to be beyond hoping that Trump can get a grip on himself and save his Presidency.

   Corker says that he is not competent, incapable of being a President. When the GOP turns against you, you become a Nixon!