Sunday, August 27, 2017

Annual Bear Valley Triathlon

  On Sunday morning, September 3, 2017 the Annual Bear Valley Triathlon will be held at Bear Valley.

   Held at Bear Lake in Bear Valley Village, it includes a 600 yard swim, a 10.5 bike ride and a 3.4 mile run.  Call 795-7832 for more information.

Arnold is a dying town...more than ever!! Get rid of Oliveira!!!

   If you have driven down Hwy 4 through Arnold lately you know how many vacant, deteriorating and FOR SALE buildings there are.

   Such a nice little town

As Smokey knows.......

Please be careful...

But McClintock said CLEAR-CUT for water???

49ers vs. Vikings

  The SF 49ers are in Minnesota today to play the Vikings in a preseason game.

   It will be broadcast on NBC at 5 PM. 


   If we don't pay attention, Trump and his racist allies will destroy America.  If you are not registered to vote, go online and do it today. It's easy.!

   Get involved. Go to candidate forums. Ask hard questions. REGISTER TO VOTE!!  We have a lot of Trump DUMPS to clean up off the White House and Calaveras County lawns!!

Town Hall candidates meeting in Moke Hill today

   If you are interested in meeting a candidate for 4th Congressional District challenging our current Representative (who doesn't even live in the district), come to the town hall on Main Street in Mokelumne Hill today.

   From 3 to 5 PM a meeting will be held to introduce the public to at least one of the people challenging that racist man (McClintock just did an interview with our White Separatist Cory Burnell on Public Access TV).   That tells you everything you need to know!!

Trump the Chump...

   Trump the Chump,

   Takes a