Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Angels Camp Farmers Market Cancelled

   Friday September 1, 2017 Farmers Market in Angels Camp has been cancelled due to heat.

    They will return on September 8, 2017. Hopefully things will cool off by then.


Ponderosa Fire--Red alert evacuations!

  At 4:10 PM CalFire posted in red new evacuations in the Ponderosa Fire in Butte County. 500 homes are now threatened.

  Immediate evacuation order

Over 50 cop cars onscene in Sacramento shooting

   Apparently a warrant service of some type went badly this morning on Auburn near Fulton in Sacramento County, and two CHP and a Sac County deputy were shot.

   We've never seen so many cop cars in one place, The officers have been transported to the hospital with injuries.  They are currently looking for suspects, it is being reported.

Kathy Griffin reported to Secret Service???

I don't even recognize what this is!
Or who is it supposed to be???
Only the hair looks familiar!!
   Apparently comedian Kathy Griffin posted a photo that Trump supporters took exception to, and she was reported to Secret Service agents.

   Why, then, when Michael Preston

Kathy Griffin takes back Trump apology

   After the right wing Republicans slammed her for posting a funny photo of her holding something that looked like Trumps head on instagram, Kathy Griffin foolishly apologized.

   She now takes back her apology. Good for her. The right put up much worse things about President Obama and no one did anything, much less apologize. 

Richard Rudolph Richina of Angels Camp

   On August 27, 2017 Richard Rudoph Richina, 89, of Angels Camp, passed away of natural causes.

   Born January 12, 1928 in Manteca,

Calaveras County turns transit back to COG

  The Calaveras Supervisors last night voted to give public transit back to the Council of Governments.

   They have been unable to make the rate requirements or ever break even under Public Works. It will now go to COG for their approval.

Traffic collision in Glencoe

   August 30, 2017 at 10:10 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 26 at Ponderosa in the Glencoe area.

   No injuries have been indicated. CHP is en route.

Frog found in salad adopted

   This frog was found in a spring salad package mix in Southern California and the shock

Ponderosa Fire in Butte County

  UPDATE at 10:25 AM:  10 homes and 20 outbuildings (barns) destroyed, 5 more residences and 10 other outbuildings damaged. Still no containment. 800

Bruce Zaccagnino

Bruce Zaccagnino below one of his giant tressels
that spans between two of his giant mountains
  If your grandfather, like mine, was a O gauge model railroad fanatic, with one whole floor of his shop devoted to bridges,

"Honored to be compared with the KKK"

   Yes, that is a statement made in an interview the AP provided to Morning Joe this morning. Who made that statement?  Someone very close to TRUMP, of course!

   Why, it was Sheriff Joe Arpaio, when asked how he felt when people complained that he ran his Sheriff's department like the KKK. "Honored to be compared with the Klan!" said Arpaio at the time.

Watching silly bears fish can cool you off... from Katmai in Alaska!  Cheers you up too!
Five bears at Brooks Falls right now!
Takes your mind off TRUMP!!!

Lots of bear sightings reported this summer

   We've heard a lot of bear sightings this year, especially late now in the summer months. They look for food and water wherever they can find it. Due to the

  We've only heard of one negative incident, involving