Thursday, August 31, 2017

Zach Peterson, Bret Harte student

   With a heavy heart the family of Zachary Thomas Peterson announce his unexpected passing on August 27, 2017. 

   Born April 13, 2001, Zachary was 16 years old

No Dogwoods allowed in forests

   According to the new policies passed along by CalFire and the rest of our government removal of what they deem to be BRUSH is absolutely necessary to prevent fires and aid in sending water to LA in the Twin Tubes.

   That mean an end to our beautiful dogwoods, wild lilac and other bushes that make the forest sustainable for all forms of wildlife. NO DOGWOODS ALLOWED!!!

Animal abusers register like sex offenders

   This is way past time to happen. Across the United States legislatures are enacting more laws for animals.

   The best one we've seen is the one

Cop: "We only kill black people!"

   A cop in Atlanta made an incredible on video statement after a women he had pulled over said she was afraid to move her hands.

   "Remember, you're not black. We only kill black people, right?" There is an internal investigation going on.

Stop the devastation!

Stop the Clear-Cutting!! Raping the Earth is a crime. Removing our vital watershed is a crime!

  LOCk THEM UP!   LOCK THEM UP!! That will Make America Great Again!!!

Parolee finally arrested in San Andreas

   Not at all surprising, a call to a residence in San Andreas eventually resulted in the arrest of

DUI checkpoint in San Andreas

   CHP is announcing that it will conduct a DUI checkpoint in San Andreas on Friday September 1, 2017.

   They will also be checking for Drivers Licences between 6:30 PM and 12:30 AM. The exact location is not available.

Poor bobcat lucky it was found by a friend of animals

This bobcat that had apparently been hit by a car, was fortunate to be
found by someone who likes animals and took it to a rescue hospital.
Sure hope its going to be all right!