Saturday, September 2, 2017

Butte County Disaster area

   Governor Brown has now declared Butte County to be a disaster area due to the Ponderosa Fire.

   As of 6:40 PM September 2, 2017 the Ponderosa Fire has burned 3880 acres, destroyed 46 homes and damaged many others.  1300 homes are still threatened and evacuations remain in place.  The fire is 51% contained.

City of Angels Camp cancelling Main Street business?

   If you ever wondered if the townspeople in Angels Camp are as judgmental and mean as some say they are, you should have attended the AC City Council meeting last week. The town never changes, little Peyton Place gossips!!

Quad crash causes head injury

   September 2, 2017 at 2:20 PM:  A quad crashed on Sunrise Place in Pioneer, injuring the 50 year old rider who was not wearing a helmet, per CHP.

   CHP and an ambulance are responding to the scene.  One person has head injuries.

Calaveras Supervisors REFUSE to meet weekly!!

   Many are telling us that certain Calaveras Supervisors, including the Chair Oliveira, refuse to meet weekly, which seems to be necessary.

   More and more Planning Department denials,

Motorcycle crash down into gully

   September 2, 2017 at 8:20 AM:  Two CHP are at the scene of a motorcycle that is now on the rocks in a gully down off Angels Firehouse Road and the Hwy 4 Angels Bypass in Angels Camp.

   An ambulance is also responding to the scene. Be cautious if in that area as emergency vehicles handle the situation.  A tow truck has been dispatched to recover the motorcycle , which is approximately 50' down the embankment.

Legislature pushing bill to end Daylight Savings Time

How many would like to
forget this habit???
  This should make many people happy. A new bill introduced in the California State legislature to end Daylight Savings Time, is moving forward.

   It will still need a statewide vote in order to enact it, but since Bush pushed Daylight Savings Time out further and further, eliminating the time change is very popular.