Monday, September 4, 2017

Calaveras Supervisors get Brown Act training due to EMAILS scandal

   At the end of the August 31, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting, Mr. BigPot McmAnus spoke several times while County Council lectured the Supervisors on their scandalous

Solution to Trump's DACA dilemna

   Several people we've spoken with lately who think Trump is nuts (too many to mention here), think they have a perfect solution to his DACA dilemma.

   Simply DEPORT all the stinking RACISTS in this country, starting with the DIRTY COPS and TRUMP himself.  He would fit in nicely in Iran, we believe.

Overturned car in Douglas Flat

   September 4, 2017 at 6 PM:  One car has overturned after a vehicle collision on Hwy 4 at Live Oak Drive in Douglas Flat.

   One lane was blocked. CHP is at the scene. It isn't clear if there are any injuries. A tow truck was dispatched.

Fire in Los Angeles

  Called the LaTuna Fire, Los Angeles Fire reports that is the largest fire in Los Angeles, burning over 7000 acres as of September 4, 2017.

   4 homes have been destroyed so far.  Some evacuations have been lifted, but they expect the fire to grow. Containment is 30%.

Happy Labor Day!

     Have fun, but be cautious with BBQ fires and avoid overheating yourselves!

Where is Oliveira's Moose-gate bridge???

   For months now the Calaveras Supervisor for District 3 Oliveira, has bragged that he is getting his private