Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fatal collision in golf cart on Hwy 4

   At approximately 4:55 AM on September 5, 2017 Cody Agasi Horn (28) of Angels Camp was reportedly driving a golf cart being towed

CHP report of motorcycle collision

   On September 2, 2017 at approximately 7:30 AM Michael Morlin (69) of San Francisco was riding his 1984 BMW motorcycle on Vallecito Road near Hwy 4

MIssion Fire near North Fork

  The Mission Fire near North fork in Madera County is was reported at 9:30 AM on September 5, 2017 and is already 875 acres with 5 structures destroyed and another 250 threatened.

   Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in the area around North Fork.

Rep. John Garamendi angry about DACA

   Wolf Blitzer on CNN is interviewing Rep. John Garamendi about the end of DACA which Trump announced this morning.

   Garamendi says, and he's right, that TRUMP is holding these 800,000 children hostage in order to try and get his (idiot) wall paid for.  He says he cannot support that!!

Five dead in big rig crash with car

   A collision between a big rig and a car on Hwy 33 in Fresno County has resulted in 5 fatalities.

   Hwy 33 is still closed as the investigation into the crash continues.

Caltrans closes Hwy 89 in Alpine County

  Due to the Slinkard Fire which was caused by lightning, Hwy 89 is now closed in Alpine County.

   The fire is currently over 9000 acres, but is 70% contained.


We have requested an update on the Swiss Ranch Fire

   UPDATE:  We were just told that the fire reported turned out to be a debris burn (illegal) and was extinguished immediately. No actual fire spread!

All of Trumps coalitions DISSOLVING!!

   Another coalition he set up when he took office, that of DIVERSITY, has dissolved into nothing but chaos.

   The Hispanic President of the US. Chamber of Commerce has now resigned amid Trumps hatred for Hispanics, especially the children.

Four puppies recovering from evil human harm

   Four little puppies are now recovering after being discovered with, of all things, their throats cut and left to die.

   They are now recovering. The evil humans who in any way harm animals, should be locked up forever. There is no cure for this form of mental illness and never enough punishment.

The SierraSentinel.com keeps a log of Calaveras cops!!

  UPDATE:  We have notified the Calaveras Sheriff that we got yet another message from the Blue Tarp Gang, who again repeats that they keep a log on the owners of the SierraSentinel.com.

   Karen Strohmeyer admitted to the District Attorney,

Fire on Swiss Ranch Road

   September 5, 2017 at 10:45 AM:  A fire has been reported on Swiss Ranch Road near Mountain Ranch.

   CalFire and other departments are now attempting to control it. Avoid the area.

DiBasilio wants to BETTER SERVE citizens!! Then RESIGN and let somone honorable have the job!!

What is a TENURED SARGENT at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office?

If anyone knows, please reply!!

Greg Stark, bad cop pretending to be GOOD cop??? PHONY rural area help???

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office just sent out an email falsely announcing that DiBasilio, who is NOW running for office,

Every time COPS defend and protect a DIRTY COP....DiBasilio 'bottom of the barrel'!!

   If you ever wondered how entire police departments, sheriff's offices, get horrid reputations, you can look at one overriding problem they have.

Trump fulfills Alt-right racist Republican's wishes--ends DACA--hurt children first!!

   Due to mounting pressure from his Alt-right racist supporters, Trump just issued an official

CalFire says motorists cause many wildfires

   According to a CalFire report today, many of the wildfires started along the roadways are caused by motorists.

   Towing, dragging things, hot mufflers, etc. can cause fires; never pull over into dry weeds when pulling off the roadway.

Pickup Fire in Linden

   September 5, 2017 at 8:05 AM:  CHP is at the scene of a pickup on fire on Clements Road near Comstock Road in Linden.

   No injuries have been indicated. Fire personnel and a tow truck responded to the area.

Big rig rollover in Valley Springs

   September 5, 2017 at 8 AM:  CHP is at the scene of a big rig rollover on Hwy 26 at St. Andrews Road in Valley Springs.

    Minor injuries have been indicated. A big rig tow truck is responding. Be extra cautious in that area.

Traffic collision on Hwy 4

   UPDATE at 8 AM:  Traffic is still one-way due to clean up and an investigation by CHP. Be careful in the area.