Sunday, October 15, 2017

CNN to Tillerson: Did you call Trump a 'MORON'???

   Again refusing to answer the question, Secretary of State Tillerson ducked the question asked by CNN this morning.

   "Did you call Trump a "MORON"?  I'm not going to answer that question, said Tillerson. He never has denied calling the President a "F****** Moron"!! Too many people overheard him!!

Dodgers wiin game 1

   The Dodgers beat the Cubbies last night in the first game of their series 5-2. The Cub manager was thrown out of the game after a call at home plate in the 7th.

   One controversial play was when an out at the plate was called safe after review.  The catcher had intentionally blocked both sides of the plate, even extending his foot out to keep the runner from touching home base.

The biggest LUNATIC.... guarding the White House ASYLUM!!!

49ers vs. Redskins today

The SF 49erss play the Redskins today in Maryland. The Niners are 0-5 for the season.. They have the 10AM game.

   The Raiders are at home today where the LA Chargers will be their challenge.  The Raiders are 2-3 for the season.