Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Alton "Ike" Lowell Callahan of Carson Hill

   Alton "Ike" Lowell Callahan, 90, of Carson Hill, died on October 6, 2017 at his home with his grandson Travis by his side.

   Ike was born in Angels Camp

Calaveras Unified District teachers STRIKE???

   If no contract agreement is reached tonight, teachers from Calaveras Unified School District will go on strike tomorrow.

   In fact, the teachers say that they plan to do a PROTEST WALK from Toyon Middle School to the District Office in San Andreas. 

MILLS runs Calaveras Supervisors!!!! Recall MILLS!!

  No one on the Calaveras Supervisors, especially Oliveira, has any control. Supervisor MILLS is in full control.

   They just sit there, castrated by this man, with NO guts to challenge or throw him OUT!!

Come into the REAL World, Calaveras County!!

  A member of the public says they are a 7 generation resident and he sees the county is dying and going backwards.

  He wants to know when Calaveras County is going to join the REAL world, which Cannabis is a part of.

Public says SENSITIVE USE is BOOZE sites, liquor stores

   Stores like Little Trees in Arnold are Retail establishment, whether the wacko ALT-RIGHT likes them or not, are what the State of California is renaming

Intelligent woman slaps Supervisor CLAPP??

   A member of the public came before the Board of Calaveras Supervisors to remind Supervisor CLAPP that states do have rights OVER the government.

  In fact, she said, we need protection FROM the Federeal Government and these crazy Alt-Right wackos trying to take over the world. HATE SPEECH and racism!!

Calaveras Supervisors want 51st STATE in U.S.

   A member of the public came to the Calaveras Supervisors podium to ask if it wasn't a conflict of interest and against the public interest to serve on a Calaveras Board?

   He was referring to Oliveira, Clapp and Mills,

Calaveras Supervisor Clapp is a NUT CASE!!

  Not only is Supervisor of District 5 Clapp extremist in religious issues, but he also stated at the October 18, 2017 meeting that he considers Cannabis to be a LEVEL ONE drug.

   He wants all and any advertising to be banned.  This guy is totally a NUT CASE!! Is Lora Most still pulling his strings?  YUPPPP!!!

Calaveras Sheriff wants control of all land use, CIVIL issues!!!

  This is the craziest conversation, to say that the Calaveras Sheriff, well-known as the most corrupt law enforcement in California, should have land use control issues.

  DiBasilio says he wants full control instead of the Planning Commission. Sounds more like Russia every day.

Calaveras Sheriff's Office trying to STEAL money from Planning???

   It was totally obvious at the October 18, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting that DiBasilio, who is running for office, is pretending like the crime of growing cannabis is so heinous,

Deputy ordered to bring control at Calaveras Supervisors

   Instead of the violence by the Cannabis community at the October 18, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting, the opposite occurred.

  After the vote to postpone the final vote of the BAN in Calaveras County, a woman became violent and the Chair was required to order the Sheriff's deputy to restrain and remove her.

Another body found -- total deaths now 42 in Wine Country fires

   Another body was located this morning in a burned out Sonoma home, bringing the number of dead to 42 in the Wine Country fires.

   The tragedy just goes on and on, with still no feasible fix to the problems at CalFire.

GET Involved!! RECALL the corrupt officials in Calaveras!!!

Corruption in Calaveras County Supervisor Chambers--Ban vote Postponed--again!!

Chair Oliveira was the one
who decided to BAN
Cannabis, not allowing
public comment?
   UPDATE:  Calaveras Supervisors vote to postpone final vote on BAN --  Again!!

   Calaveras Supervisor District 4 Mills, the Alt-Right extremist

If you didn't VOTE in 2016 don't complain now!!

Everything Trump does as President turns to JUNK

   Trump has a magic touch!!  Whether it's getting called a F****** Moron by his Secretary of State or a F****** LIAR by former Obama staff,  he seems to be a disaster

BAIT & SWITCH says Valley Springs resident

  A Valley Springs resident n came to the Calaveras Supervisrs podium at the October 17, 2017 BAN meeting to ask about their BAIT & SWITCH campaign.

   The tricking of cannabis growers, telling them to come forward and get legal, has been nothing more than an illegal "BAIT & SWITCH" criminal technique to make it easy for the Sheriff to go round up cannabis and growers!!  Insane and ILLEGAL!!

Newt Gingrich's wife gets appointment

  Let's see now, Huckabee's weird daughter is the Press Secretary at the White House.This repays Huckaby for supporting his candidacy.

  Now Trump has appointed Gingrich's current wife as Ambassador to the Vatican.